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  1. TommyZ

    Allow me to introduce....

    My newest eddition to the family. This perfect 100% het northern RF.
  2. TommyZ

    1st Failure

    I know this is nothing new but its new to me so thought id share. I had my 1st experience with a failed egg. It seems to have "exploded" so to speak. I recon the tort died in the egg and gas buildup caused a "bang". Here are some photos. Kinda bummed out.. :(
  3. TommyZ

    She did it !!!

    Yep, she did :) Were all super excited here!!
  4. TommyZ

    Help needed, eye issue (pokes Yvonne)

    Hi All, Yesterday and one of my junior torts during her soak my foot her I looked a little funky so I took some pictures. I came home today check her immediately and of course it's doubled in size and oozing ever so slightly. Below is some pictures the first few are from yesterday the last...
  5. TommyZ

    Heavy weights need snacks...

    4 of my 5 adults having a mazuri/zoomed "meatball" snack...nom mom nom
  6. TommyZ

    3 dirty kids

    Hehehe, bath time. Dirty lil torts :)
  7. TommyZ

    Check this out :)

    On a happier note... One of my girls here has been displaying some nesting behavior. Tomorrow I'll be taking her down for an x ray to verify that she is indeed gravid. I've got my incubator all set up and ready to go just in case. Heres a pic of the (hopefully) soon mama to be :)
  8. TommyZ

    If you all wouldnt mind...

    Hi Everyone, To make a long story short, the last two days have been very trying. My grandmother has had two surgeries in two it turns out weve located and removed a mass, turns out to be malignant. Unlike most people I was not raised by my parents I was raised by my grandparents, so...
  9. TommyZ

    Turtoise or a Tortle??

    Yes, pun intended..... I have a tort, who i swear has channelled her deep inner turtle. This girl will all day every day, sit,lay, bask and even sleep right in her water dish. There can be no dehydration, i see her drink all the time,gets her soaks etc....deep inside, she craves her missing...
  10. TommyZ

    Woooohoooo! Shes eating!!!

    Ok, one of my new, larger females had been very reclusive, and eating sparingly for the past couple weeks since i had her. The only thing she ate hardily was mazuri, go figure. Anyhoo, today i had a chat with her, be it as it may....20 mins after my pep talk, BAM! Shes chompin down! (A lil...
  11. TommyZ

    Caught in the act...

    ....aaaaand I told Mama,lol
  12. TommyZ

    Tort Talk??

    Ok, here goes one of my weird questions. As you may know, i have recently received several new torts. We are going through the quarantine process, so they are all separated in tubs. They are all in the same room. So, in the last couple days since i added the two new girls, i have noticed a...
  13. TommyZ

    Just cant stop looking

    Says it all right there, ive just been staring and watching, followed by more observing, lol.... here are a few shots of everyones strawberry treat today :)
  14. TommyZ

    Two new girls :)

    Just a few of the new ladies. [hr] Oops missed one
  15. TommyZ

    Mannnnn... Fedex

    Totally sux.... Supposed to have delivery by 10am, its now 1245pm and here I sit, using a sick day from work, waiting...bastages. Gimme my torts, damnit! Lol
  16. TommyZ

    Proud Moment..

    This is more meant for you all than it is me. Rewind the clock back to the beginning of 2013 and you would see me not knowing the slightest about tortoises husbandry, or reptiles in general. Since then with everything you all have taught me, for a beginner I at least like to think I'm fairly...
  17. TommyZ

    The Gang

    Just a few pics of all of the gang. I have some marvelous animals here, but my pride and joy is still my lil hatchling Tortellini, shhhhh dont tell the others, lol.. Hope you enjoy as much as I do :)
  18. TommyZ

    Mazuri Night

    Everyone loves Mazuri Night :)
  19. TommyZ

    King on his perch

    Kinda funny, I fed all the torts today. After I put all their food down I guess my little hatchling Tortellini heard the bigger guys in their tubs down below. He was pacing back and forth and looking at them through his window. I yelled to my wife and said babe look, Tortellini is like a king...
  20. TommyZ

    Meet Milkshake and Blacky

    Hi All, Snapped a few of the Cherries, thought I'd share [SMILING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]