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    Brief story on gopher tortoise relocation
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    Tort Approved Sale

    The Grocery store had Strawberries buy one get one free today. My little girl's gonna be a happy tort on fruit day.
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    Sea Turtle injured, recovered and put back where he belongs (Video)

    Injured sea turtle returns to the ocean after recovery
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    Belated Birthday Tort

    Ok, so time got away from me and I'm quite late in posting this, but June 19th was my precious girl's birthday (adoption day really, she's pet store bought). This marks 2 years she's been my little buddy. Here are some pictures of her with her birthday watermelon.
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    Pics of my precious

    Here are some pictures of my precious girl, Themistocles. Looks like it's been a while since I put some up. From last July: From last November: And from this past Sunday: She's doing great!
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    Being single has become difficult

    I'm not sure if this is an appropriate topic, especially as I realize I'm not the most frequent of posters. But being shy and introverted is part of who I am, so reaching out wherever and however I can is important for me to try. So, here goes. Being single around the holidays has really...
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    Baseball News!

    Cliff Lee signing with the Phillies !?!?!? I am legitimately surprised by this. Still digesting what I think about it. Elsewhere, its more of the usual from my hometown Cubs. The big offseason signing is a guy who hit like .198 last year. I'm already looking into a bandwagon to jump on...
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    Pumpkin Preparation

    Is there a good/best way to serve Pumpkin to my precious? Or is raw ok? I don't cook much for myself even, so I couldn't say how to prepare it at all really. Thanks, Frank
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    Feeding Shrimp?

    Is it ok to feed shrimp to my Redfoot? If so, is there a good way to cook it for her or just serve it raw? Thanks! Frank
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    Tortoise Birthday

    Yesterday, June 19 was Themistocles first birthday with me. Technically, adoption day really. I don't know when she was hatched. June 19, 2009 was when I brought her home. I made her a tortoise version strawberry shortcake birthday cake. The "cake" was canteloupe then actual strawberries...
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    Effect of the Cold Snap on Turtles in SW Florida

    Something of a bittersweet story on the recent cold snap. Mostly a happy ending, focusing on the return of rescued turtles. There's some video and pics.
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    T-Rex Cypress Bed Anyone have experience or opinion using this as a substrate for Redfoots? I'd be using it with Sphag moss also. Thanks
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    Themistocles Outdoor Adventure

    Here are some pictures from one of Themistocles outdoor days. I try to get her outside at least once a week and one of my New Year's Resolutions is to get her a more permanent outdoor enclosure, since I live in Florida and all. The fourth pic is an indoor one. I give her a cuttlebone at...
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    Some pics of Themistocles

    Just wanted to share a couple pics of my little buddy. Had a few more but I think they're too big.
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    good temperature?

    Whats a rough idea of a good temperature for the area the little guy spends most of his time in? I have a 125 gallon tank thats basically divided into thirds. Right now, he spends almost all of his time in his "hide" (plastic hollow half lug tortoise hut), which is on the left third of the...
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    Hi, New Redfoot companion

    Hi all, just got my first pet ever, a wonderul Redfoot Tortoise, from Pet Smart, this past Friday. His name is Themistocles. I won't call myself a pet owner cause he's my little buddy. He spent most of his first few days here just hiding away and I was pretty worried about him. Not so much...