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    Temp laser gun

    Does anyone use these to check temps of eggs? Just curious if they can be used to make sure temp gauges are as accurate? Does light or lasers cause damage to the embryo?
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    My Leopards Enclosure

    I think i am finally happy with it. had to upgrade the humid hide to a bigger size, My Leo seems to love it too which is the most important thing. I put about 5 different grasses in there, aloe, agave and opunia. milkthistle, dandilion, and several other weeds. He seems to enjoy testing all the...
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    a frog blessed me with his beauty and...

    i just couldn't bring myself to kiss! i truly enjoyed capturing this moment today when it warmed up a bit.
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    orchard hay

    Just grabbed my sully some orchard and timothy hay. never have fed him any other hay much but bermuda and my grass shavings. He went to town on it. He eats the bermuda hay good but he had a grin on his face when he smelled the orchard hay tonight. it is fifty degrees in the ATL and he is warm...
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    water should be avail to torts

    but i continue to read that they do not need it in articles that otherwise have good general care information. This is such bad advice especially if the reader is new to torts and does not have the experience to know when their care methods are causing dehydration. if you always keep water...
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    My Sully will be 24 Yrs old in December!

    He keeps growing, he is huge, havent weighed or measured him but i can no longer push him backwards. lol! here are some recent pictures of my big boy. i bet he is way over 120lbs now... a pic of him Eating his weekly mazuri! and one of him snuggled in his hot house this morning. it was 35...
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    Slight pyramiding is being filled in!

    When i got Sig he was slightly pyramiding on mainly the very center and side scutes. Now as you can see in the pictures the new growth and even some of the old area seems to be filling in and it is so high that it is creating a much smoother shell now. We had great humidity this summer...
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    Gotta say that happy russians tort are right up at the top group of tort personality. I get a great welcome every morning from them. They rise early ready to eat and always take their meal times seriously. I love the brute mentality, the smallest of my females(may be male once she gets of...
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    Hermann update

    Got my e. Hermanns last christmas eve and he has grown and continues to increase weight and size. He spent all summer outside and i have brought him in for the winter months. I was going to try to hibernate him in our coolest months but just wondering if it would be better to wait another year...
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    night time/cool days indoor enclosure for russian gals

    Well i have three russian gals who get along amazingly for these better kept solitary brute torts. They have a large enclosure outdoors for the summer and did well this yr but wanted to have something inside setup for the cooler nights and the winter until i can get heat boxes built outside for...
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    Hermanns update

    Well the last but not least of my Sunday pictures and time with my torts. Heres Sig and his enclosure all nice and grown in. He doesn't destroy the plants like my Russian ladys do. He is doing great, eats anything and his shell is smoothing out on the new growth. His skin and shell are...
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    eastern in my weed bed since sunday?

    Obviously my chain link yard is not escape proof or entry proof as this eastern showed up Sunday. I havent seen one in my yard for a few years. Gotta spot check to mow all the time to make sure i don't hurt one though never know. I just love it when they come in and help themselves to my...
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    sunday morning with my sully

    Got his new summer house built. Need to paint. Loving the spring time!
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    My Margie is growing

    It is gaining about 3 grams every 2 weeks. Was 23 grams when i got it April 9th and today weighed in at 37 grams. She/he is an aggressive eater. Shell is staying smooth so far. had her in her outdoor digs today, she is starting to like the ourdoor pen i let her get some sun bathing on the weekends.
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    no luck finding it in the references yet

    is this tort safe. I have not been able to find it in any of the reference aids yet.
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    breakfest is served...share your menu's

    This is the breakfest my russians and hermann's torts get 7 days a week. I really enjoy walking my yard and figuring out what i can cut to feed my torts. This winter was very mild so i only used store bought greens occassionally. i know some winters it will not be so good but plan to...
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    outdoor enclosure - seeded today, tops tomorrow

    I have two of my outdoor enclosures almost done. Hermann male in one and three russian gals in the other ( two of them are still not mature at less than 5 inches). not warm enough to have them out full time yet. They just had their run of the new digs today while we were enjoying the weather...
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    my sully taking a drink

    He always knocks it over when he finishes drinking. :rolleyes:
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    russian/hermanns escape proof?

    I have bricked around the side out to about 12" and 16" but would like to leave the center so if they want to burrow deeper. Do you think it is escape proof like it is or should i cover the whole bottom with bricks? I have enough brick so that is not an issue. I just thought the ground may stay...
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    Georgia Law

    I am in Ga and I guess you have to have a permit to have an eastern box? I was not aware it was illegal til I read on here that we need to check our state laws. I have rescued so many I lost count, broken shells, torn jaws, all from the road and never really thought about it being against the...