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  1. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Is it fine to let my tortoise loose in the backyard?

    Long story short, my tortoise hates being confined (spends hours pacing along the wall, escaped multiple times) and he seems to value his freedom over comfort (easy access to food + water). Should I just let him roam free in my backyard? There are enough weeds for him to eat; the only thing I'm...
  2. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Looking for breeding adult male Russian Tortoise

    Sorry if I interpreted your message wrong, but I didn't know you meant selling my tort to you. I was thinking(yes, it sounds ridiculous) that we could somehow let the torts meet each other and have them mate so we could obtain eggs. But, I would be glad to help you with your project and maybe...
  3. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Outdoor substrate

    Basically anything that you used for him indoors should be fine outdoors but high quality dirt would probably be preferred(maybe mixed with some mulch) because that is what they're naturally walking on in the wild. But overall, it doesn't matter THAT much.
  4. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Is Outdoor Temp too High?

    Hi all, My Russian tortoise is getting pretty big and we want to move him outside(permanently) soon. Since I live in Phoenix it gets REALLY HOT during the summer. The highest will be at around 115 F degrees but that is only for a week, at most 2-3 weeks. During most of the summer it is in the...
  5. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Looking for breeding adult male Russian Tortoise

    Sorry about the image being so big :eek:
  6. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Looking for breeding adult male Russian Tortoise

    Hi Kingsley7, I have an immature male Russian tortoise and I've been looking for a female to breed with him in the future. Only issue is that he's not mature enough yet(only about 1 1/2) years old) and I'm only about 85% sure that he's male. His shell is around 4". I know that he's no where near...
  7. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Hi all. Newer tortoise owner.

    Wow, his shell has no pyramiding whatsoever!!! Sadly I can't say the same about mine... :(
  8. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Help! Tortoise stays in water dish all day???

    Hi guys My tortoise recently started sitting in the water dish all day long, even though I give weekly soaks and he went to go sit in the water dish the day after I soaked him. His behavior is somewhat normal, he still eats. The only thing that changed majorly is that it is a lot colder and he...
  9. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Is Elmer's Clear Glue Safe???

    Hey guys! I want to make a DIY hide made out of sticks for my tort. It will be a bunch of sticks glued together to form an arch. The only problem is I'm not sure if the glue I'm going to use is safe; it says non-toxic but I will post images to be safe. Also, any specific types of trees that are...
  10. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Small river on tortoise table

    We would love if you posted an image for us to see!!
  11. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Building a new enclosure!!!

    Hi guys, I'm building a new enclosure for my Russian tortoise who is 1 year old. I've never built one before, so can you guys give me some tips/recomendations? This is what I know: -Use hardwood for sides, plywood for bottom -Use a something to keep the water out of the wood so it doesn't rot...
  12. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Can I leave my tort alone for 3 days

    I'm going to be out of town soon, and I don't want to give my tort to someone else because its only 3 days (leaving saturday night coming back tuesday night) Previously, I have done this before and it was 5 days in the winter and they both did fine. Now that its a lot hotter than winter time, my...
  13. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Comment by 'Merilyn (Tortoise lover)' in media 'A new baby'

  14. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    New Member

    Hi and welcome to the community!! I’ve had a Russian for 1 year and since he was a baby. I’m having some problems myself with diet lol but I have no problem with anything else. I think the most important things are natural sunlight, diet, and humidity. Since I live in AZ it’s kinda hard to get...
  15. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Construction a wooden enclosure

    When I say baby I mean he’s one year old
  16. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Construction a wooden enclosure

    Nope it’s inside. Is 3.5x2 enough because he’s only a baby right now. Also what type of wood do I use?(aspen, oak etc) @DARKFIRE007 also @TriciaStringer any specific foods? He is super super picky and I don’t know what to do...
  17. Merilyn (Tortoise lover)

    Construction a wooden enclosure

    Hi, This is a followup from my most recent thread.(thanks to all who answered) They suggested that I get a bigger enclosure and change the diet. What wood should I use and any how should I build it(like the setup) and I try to give my tort a good diet but he is so picky that he won't eat very...