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    Rehoming 5 Leopard Tortoises

    It is with a heavy heart I have to put my Leopard Tortoise colony up for sale. I used to be very active on this forum but life got very busy. My dog needs surgery and my house need repairs and although I love my tortoises dearly I need to sell them and hope they find a home that will have more...
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    Comment by 'Formerly Tortuug' in media 'H28.jpeg'

    That shell is gorgeous! Sulcatas raised the right way come out looking so beautiful!
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    White poop

    I'd recommend dusting food with calcium a few times a week anyways. Depends on how old your tort is. Personally, I use the cuttlebone more as a supplementary option for my tortoises to self-regulate but I can never be sure if they use it so I like to make certain they get enough calcium by dusting.
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    White poop

    It could be urates. Tortoises poop, pee, and fornicate all out of the same hole, their cloaca. Their pee comes out either as a white powder substance ranging to cottage cheese texture depending on how hydrated the tortoise is. If they "pooped" a white substance, I'd think it to really be...
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    My shelled family got bigger much bigger

    For five box turtles you need a massive enclosure compared to that. No where near large enough. You'll need like 8+ square feet per turtle. It looks like they can't even access that water bowl, make it a large 12" diameter terra cotta dish. There are no hides of any kind and in such a small...
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    My 2 month old Star tort eating substrate!!!!!!

    Another suggestion would be to make sure he has the right supplements. Sometimes when tortoises aren't getting the right vitamins or enough calcium they'll eat substrate. Make sure you dust his food with calcium powder a couple times a week. I've also read that Minerall helps to curb the...
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    2 year old Sulcata breathing heavy. Please help.

    @Tom can help you more when he has the chance, he's much more knowledgeable about the species and tortoises in general. I'm not the most knowledgeable but Frankie's nose does sound clogged either with debris or RI related.
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    2 year old Sulcata breathing heavy. Please help. Make sure you follow this care sheet to a tee and your tortoise will have the best health possible. I would suggest raising the ambient temperature to where the minimum is at least 80 degrees...
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    Greek tortoise?

    Hello and welcome to the forum! It's enclosure is a little small and the tortoise will definitely grow out of it. The first week a tortoise is in a new enclosure they will pace the perimeter of the enclosure. It takes a tortoise some time to become acquainted with and comfortable in any new...
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    Need help. (thyroid?)

    Endive Escarole Mulberry Leaves Hibiscus Leaves Cactus Pads Various Weeds (but not shamrocks) Spring Mix Green Leaf Lettuce Red Leaf Lettuce Kale (be careful I've heard this binds calcium) Dandelion Greens Collard Greens Watercress Arugula (too much may cause goiters) Mustard Greens Carrot...
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    A good tip is to definitely shop at hardware stores. I bought every bag of orchid bark off the shelves at my local hardware store and it was a third the price. Coco coir too, not all the coco coir though, a single brick makes a massive amount of coir. I've seen many other people talk about using...
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    Baby Russian tortoise - not opening eyes much

    I'm not an expert and a fairly new tortoise keeper but it sounds like it could be either a respiratory infection or hatchling failure syndrome. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable comes across this thread. Does the tortoise have any discharge coming from the eyes or nose? What kind of...
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    Questions (new tortoise doesn't move much)

    Hey Noah! Welcome to the forum! I have a Russian also and that "white poop" is really just pee. Tortoises have a three-in-one hole called a cloaca where they poop, pee, and fornicate. I've had my Russian for about a month and she spends the majority of her time burrowed into the substrate. Even...
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    Orchid bark

    I've found coco coir adds a lot of volume to substrate, aids in keeping humidity, and for burrowing species provides a great mix with orchid bark. At a local hardware store I bought a cube block of the stuff and after adding water to it, I have more than I know what to do with. Would highly...
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    2 African Sulcatas for Sale/Rehoming

    Your sulcatas look great, wish I could take one in but I'm out here in Southern California. Hope you can find them some great homes!
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    Isopod Mother Drowned

    I ran into the same situation! Only, I wanted to add dalmatian's to my terrarium. I live with my parents and they told me, "no bugs in the house!" After some convincing I was able to talk them into letting me take pillbugs from the backyard and put them in the enclosure. I'm surprised how well...
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    New owner of THREE Red-Footed Tortoises

    Welcome to the forum! I love the look of baby/hatchling red foots! Beautiful shell and vibrant red heads! Good luck and welcome to the community!
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    Yearling suddenly died.

    Hey Tom, maybe when you have time can you make a post about the subtle signs of territoriality? If it already exists can someone direct me to it. Thanks!
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    Isopod Mother Drowned

    Sadly, I walked into the room to soak my leopard tortoises and found a tragedy. In one of their water bowls, there was a drowned isopod. Not just an isopod, but a bunch of white specs in the water and a few on the belly of the isopod. Upon, closer examination, the white specs were actually just...
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    My Russian Gal!

    Hello Forum! I come back to introduce a new tort! Originally, I had a long post introducing my leopard tortoise trio (Bobcat, Jaguar, and Cougar). Since then, I've added a brand new Russian to the family! Don't worry, she is not being housed with the leopard's, she's two big and never cohab...