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    Single Tortoise Night Box

    Thank you, but have figured it out. Sorry for the delay in answering. With pandemic have not been on for a long time
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    Hole getting bigger on Opo's shell.

    Happy Birthday Chubbs
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    Outdoor heated box in the Dallas winter storm holding its temps well.

    What do you use to keep the wood on the door from separating from the insulation. My door was glued to the insulation & it keeps coming apart
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    Single Tortoise Night Box

    Yes, ITC, can I plug anything into the cool plug or just use the heat plug? It comes with a manual but is confusing with too much information
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    Single Tortoise Night Box

    I have a Inkbird TCL & can’t figure out how to set the temp for the heater. Any suggestions
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    Sulcata Night Box And Great Way To Monitor Temp & Humidity

    Thank you, I will send you some pictures when I finish
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    Might need to relocate tortoise

    Northern Orange County, California
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    Question about Car Wash Door Flaps

    I used a shower curtain, they come in light, medium, & heavy duty. I’m going to sew multi layers together to make it heavier. We will see how that works
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    Was given a tortoise, know nothing about them, HELP!

    It is a good design but way too small. Enlarge the design.
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    Sulcata Night Box And Great Way To Monitor Temp & Humidity

    I also live in Texas, Boerne. Should I set my thermostat at 80 degrees also for a Hermanns?
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    Sulcata Night Box And Great Way To Monitor Temp & Humidity

    Is the fan electric, didn’t see the wires. You did a great job, I’m working on one right now 4x4 for one Hermanns. Good luck
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    Cost for Building Your Own Outdoor Night Box

    What kind of paint do you use for outdoor box? Is it necessary to use pond shield inside?
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    Trading Goodies?

    I would love some spider plants or seeds
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    Is this T5 ok for UV lighting. Any other tips on enclosure are welcome.

    Can this be mounted on the back side of the enclosure instead overhead
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    Are these petunias??? TT says edible

    That is Mexican petunia.
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    I have only had her for 9 months. Never went thru hibernation
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    What should her cool temp be & her hot temp be. What should her humidity be? I know hermanns don’t need much humidity
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    Thanks, I’m in central Texas & it has been so hot here & she is outside. I first thought her sleeping outside was due to finding a cool place. Then we had loads of rain & I brought her inside. Them the nights got to 66 & 61. She is confused & I am too.
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    Basking is 84f
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