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  1. J

    Living the Dream!!!

    I love seeing your boy will take him a while yet but can you imagine growing up in better environment? very cool stuff, from a new guy! jeff
  2. J

    Fort Ticonderoga..., humming bird, Lab, dragonfly and a turtle!

    Fantastic trip up to the Adirondacks for a few days. Went up to stay with friends in Indian Lake on Lake Abenakee and it was like Golden Pond kind of stuff but without R.W. coming out of the water, sucking her tummy in like a 13 year old girl trying to make her boobies look The...
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    Tree fun

    Guys, understand that for some reason, I don't harbor grudges.....this story is not written because I'm's written because it's funny as heck and reminds us be PATIENT! Ok,...let me set the scene.....I live in a community where most homes are 40-50 years old, we have 1/3...
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    Question for Condo owners

    Update....cause I'm awake anyway....although I admit this with a much higher degree of humility than my story might portray. #1 daughter calls to update.....Electrician went out and yes, we were working on the wrong condenser! The unit we disabled the BGE "powersaver" interrupt wasn't even...
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    What was your first firearm experience?(Content may not be suitable for everyone)

    Great thread Z Ms Cathies story mirrors my own except I was a little younger. With Dad's oversight, my big sister held the barrel with a towel so I didn't fall on the ground. It was too much for a 8-9 year old. It was a double barreled 12ga made at the turn INto the last century! and guys...
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    It's funny and sad to watch, isn't it? Kerry's kids had a Labradoodle(?) and he got old & blind....standing in Kerry back yard, with DEER 25ft away.....and even THEY knew he couldn't see them but he managed to get around without too much bumping into things. Like you said, they seem to imprint...
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    He does like it!!. "The Hummingbird Seal of Approval" Now you have two feeders! LOL To me it's not which one, but BOTH! I know, not everyone sees things that way.
  8. J

    Spur Thigh Hatchling with crease in belly shell

    Well Poppsy, you've got the best advise from the best talent possible. You likely never could have expected that but you did. You have hit the proverbial homerun! and welcome! jeff
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    Site Glitch?

    I get that on other sites once in a while, on my Android but never here, FWIW I call it; "The sticky ad"
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    My turtle stretches his neck and opens his mouth wide

    Get him warm, 85F or temperatures are way to cold for our little guys that live in water. Read through the stickies at the top of this folder and you'll have something to do till more talent chimes in! My own experience in decades of keeping water turtles in indoor tanks showed me...
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    I thought of you yesterday Ms Cathie when I was looking at Matilda from the deck, camera in hand and a hummingbird went to the feeder 5' from me, then hovered 2' in front of my face....I just stared...didn't want to move the camera! My deck railing in the hot hot! And it's been 1...
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    Update on my Kerry. She told me yesterday morning that she was convinced the Paxlovid they gave her, was making her body and stomach worse (re; my comment re; her being a pita) so she decided to stop taking it after 2 doses of 3 pills. By last night, she was sounding energized again and said...
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    Any day now.

    I had one for 15 years....most beautiful turtle in the world to me. Even as a kid growing up on the Bay in the late 60's, they were mostly on the Eastern shore so we didn't get to see them often. We caught him in the wetlands on the bayside of Ocean City Md while on vacation. My wife didn't win...
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    First hatchling of the year

    How many out of this clutch, so far?
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    Steak night!

    Temps broke to the lower 80's and she's out and about. I get home 'round 12:30 on I got to watch her. You'all know what her home looks like but it's unbelievable how well she is camo'ed under that screen! It breaks her pattern to where she becomes nearly invisible. Today she got...
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    THE Road Widening - A Continuing Saga

    Hopefully, the wall will lower that racket for you Y and for your sensitive sister too! LOL We all listened to loud music, some of us still do................but when did we figure out that making people around us, listen to our music, was no longer "cool'? When did we all grow up? I've got...
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    Thanks guys, she's still alive today.....she's taking Paxlovid and being a PITA on the phone as I type this, so she's going to be fine!
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    I got into the truck to go home today and got a text from Kerry, who has been in NY since Sunday....she got covid infested. I called her and she sounded like death sucking on a lifesaver! I of course reminded her of her Superwoman status and suggested that she call her Dr. for antivirals or...
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    New Sulcata owner

    Wow, he is a BEAST of Beasts! There is a set of Care sheets, right up there ^, that will hook you up! They are really good and you will find that a lot of what you thought was right, isn't. I'm old and even I learned new stuff. They were written by pros and are by far, the best I've seen...
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    Always a fun thread to pop into and see what fun folks are having. Mags got birds....very green surroundings too! I see Jan has taken up baking.....herself! Their is East Coast hot, typically 88-93 with spikes of course but its muggy out, most of the time in July-Aug. The Midwest version of hot...