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  1. Geri K

    My Leopard tortoise climbs stairs

    For my friends on the Tortoise Forum: they say leopard tortoises are climbers and that is definitely true. My leopard climbs outdoor stairs several times a day which is about 12 steps to get to the top. He descends exactly as you would expect - cantilevering himself over the edge until he...
  2. Geri K

    Leopard tortoise emerges from brumation

    My leopard tortoise just emerged from 4 months of brumation. I live in Zimbabwe and the tortoise is a wild tortoise that lives in our large garden. Since we’re in the southern hemisphere, our seasons are opposite from the US and fall weather begins in March and winter in June. I tracked the...
  3. Geri K

    How old is my Leopard Tortoise?

    Hello friends! We moved into a house with a large yard and a resident Leopard Tortoise. The turtle has been here at least 7 years, and half her shell has suffered some sort of crushing damage (healed long ago). Any guesses as to the age of my turtle? She is healthy and happy and roams a 2-acre...