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  1. erinbug

    Ornate wood turtle?

    Found this little guy in a box on the side of the road the other day. I believe he’s a Central American Painted/Ornate Wood Turtle? Think he’s a he but unsure, don’t think he’s quite grown yet. I took him home and got him set up in a 5ft tub with coconut fiber, cypress mulch, and bark. Large...
  2. erinbug

    Redfoot shell rot

    I discovered shell rot on my guy yesterday; there was a lot of the white substance I’ve read about and I immediately went out to get an antiseptic cleaner, providine iodine, and antifungal ointment. Today the white stuff seems to be gone but this black spot remains - is this serious? It’s not...
  3. erinbug

    Dry head?

    This is probably just me being paranoid but Tortellini’s head has been looking a little dry - his tank is at about 75% humidity and his heat mid 80s. I bathe him several times a week and he’s always climbing into his water dish and dunking his head. He burrows a LOT which is what I’m thinking it...
  4. erinbug

    Turtle rescue

    Found this guy (a slider of some sort I think) boogieing across a busy road the other day and relocated him to a creek a couple miles away (the only water area nearby). He was surprisingly friendly about traveling but got shy upon relocation.
  5. erinbug

    Stone humidifier?

    Has anyone tried these for small enclosure humidity? Since they're so cheap I was thinking of giving it a go, it seems like it could only be beneficial since it's natural and electricity-free
  6. erinbug

    Petco pyramiding

    Hello! I'm new here and also have a post about my enclosure in the Introductions thread but had a question about RF shell pyramiding. I'm buying my juvenile redfoot today from Petco - the guy there didn't seem to know much but said it was a couple years old. He's still small, maybe 6 inches...
  7. erinbug

    Adopting my first RF tortoise today!

    Hello, My name is Erin and I've been prowling this forum for about a month while setting up my first redfoot tortoise enclosure! Our Petco has had a RF juvenile for several years and I've finally decided to bite the bullet and rescue the little guy from his much-too-cramped tank. And today is...