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  1. BigD9

    His New Cage!!! You guys like it?!?!?!? (:

    His new cage!!!(: Is it missing anything? Or is it good?! And how long do you think this cage will be good for him?! :D There is a picture of his cage & Also a pic of him i took of him today! He grew soo much!
  2. BigD9

    Todd got so big!! What else could i feed him?!

    Hey guys, my tortoise name is Todd. he is about 2 years old. I went to Montana to visit my mom for a little while so my dad was taking care of him but he did great! He have gotten so big sense the last time i saw him which was four months ago. He have been feeding todd hale, romaine lettuce, and...
  3. BigD9

    FOOD IDEAS for my 1 1/2- 2yr old Sulcata Tortoise

    Hey Guys, I have a 1 1/2- 2 year old Sulcata Tortoise name Todd && Im trying to look for some new things to feed him. Right now I feed him Romane Lettuce, yellow squash, and carrots. But i wanna mix it up alittle. && I was also wondering if a normal heating pad would be good as far as keeping...
  4. BigD9

    FedEx won't ship my sulcata :((

    My dad called 2 different FedEx this morning to ask if they ship tortoises. They told him no. The don't ship live animals. So he called a pet store asking what company do ship animals && they said ups. So he calls ups && they told him it would cost him $120 dollars or something like that && it...
  5. BigD9

    Is Todd shell pyramding?

    I just now heard of pyramding && I heard it was bad, so i was wondering if mine was? How is it bad also?! I just thought my sulcata was growing lol, but i was wrong. but now i know.Thats why i love this site! :D I know its a bad pic, my dad took it && he not the best at taking pictures...
  6. BigD9

    what does it mean when my Sulcata shell is WHITE?!

    Ive notice my Sulcata shell is kinda white.. Ill show u 2 pics of when i first got him && now. The 1st pic is when i first kinda got him && his shell was all good but now it looks kinda white? Do u think?! [hr] Opp sorry guys the other way around lol the first pic is now && the 2...
  7. BigD9

    Todd (Sulcata) New Endoor Cage! :D Am I missing anything?!

    I think i have everything but his heat lamp (it could be here anyday) && food bowl. Do you guys see anything missing?! Todd is 1 year old && he gunna be here on Tuesday:)) My dad is shipping him monday. I cant wait to see him!!! Thanks
  8. BigD9

    Do you have to have a MALE && a FEMALE Sulcata to Breed?!?!

    My mom && I were wondering if you have to have a male && a female in order to have babies.. Because what if the female laid eggs && you put the eggs in the incubator? Doesnt that make it weather male or female? I hope this isnt a real stupid question LOLLL
  9. BigD9

    What kind of Light Bulb should I use for night for my Sulcata?!?!?!

    What kind of night light bulb should i use at night? Or Should I get a heating pad for my Sulcata?! I live in Montana right now so its kinda cold at night but i have him inside. Thanks [/color][/font]
  10. BigD9

    What could I feed my sulcata tortoise?!?!

    I'm looking for different ideas on what to feed my 1 year sulcata?! What type of greens? && do they need water all the time? Thanks for your feedback:)
  11. BigD9

    Im looking to adopt a Sulcata

    Hey guys, im from Montana && Im looking to adopt a Sulcata. I tired looking on craiglist, but there havent been any.. If you are out of montana are you willing to ship? Or does anyone know of a website that will let you buy && ship the tortoise to you without it being over $170? Thanks:)
  12. BigD9

    What is the Best Bedding?!?!?!?!

    Hey guys, i have a african Sulcata Tortoise and right now im using Hay for bedding, but it gets old real fast and moldy, so does anyone have any ideas on what other bedding I can use?! I dont know if her/his age matter, but he/she 1 year old. Thanks:)
  13. BigD9


    Hello im looking for a young Sulcata. Anywhere from 1-3yrs old. Im in the Idaho or Montana area:) Thanks[hr] && possible a boy if you can tell the sex
  14. BigD9


    I have a 1 year old tortoise. I feed him roman lettuce and squash. Is there anything else i should feed her/him?
  15. BigD9

    [split] new owner, shipping hatchling

    I live in Montana && my dad is shipping my 1 year old tortoise out to me. So should i keep him inside or outside? Or outside during the day && inside at night? Thanks