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  1. peridot

    Growth or Shell Rot?

    I noticed these spots on my Radiated torts underbelly. Does this look concerning to anyone? I feel like I can kind of scrape them and they’re flakey. Is this just growth? Or do I need to make a vet appointment? I have silver sulfadiazine on hand. Should I put some of that on it?
  2. peridot

    Tortoise Choked

    Today I was feeding my tort cactus. I always put my cactus through a food processor so that it’s chopped up, but every once in a while there are larger pieces. I stepped away for a few seconds and when I came back my tortoise had his mouth wide open.. he then seemed to push a large piece of...
  3. peridot

    Wood Rabbit Hut safe for tort??

    I need some advice!! My baby is getting pretty big, so I ordered this hut for him on Amazon. It’s supposed to be for rabbits or Guinea pigs. It doesn’t say what type of wood it is. Should something like this be safe? I wasn’t sure if there were any types of woods that were toxic.
  4. peridot

    Mold in AP Closed Chamber?

    I noticed that I have (what looks like) mold growing in my Animal Plastics closed chamber! Has anyone ever had this issue before? I was shocked to notice this at the top of the plastic! I thought this didn’t generally happen with this type of material?! Each side and back does have slits. What...
  5. peridot

    Radiant Heat Panels & Closed Chambers

    I currently have two closed chambers sized at 36"x24"x24" and 83"x35"x23.5". I'm currently using Ceramic Heat, but am looking to change to Radiant Heat Panels...As I really want something less drying to the carapace. I've heard some people say that don't heat up the ambient temperatures and...
  6. peridot

    More help with Pyramiding?

    Previous post: Hi! I wanted to post an update on my tort! He's still showing signs of pyramiding. He stays in a closed chamber, with an automatic misting system. It goes off 3 times a day, one in the afternoon for 2 minutes. All the other...
  7. peridot

    Snorting when drinking water?

    Whenever one of my torts drinks water, he makes a snorting noise? Is this normal? Should I make him a vet appointment? His nose is clear, otherwise. No bubbles. He’s eating and active.
  8. peridot

    Tortoise Enclosure & Red Ants?

    Today when I went I picked up my yearling from his outdoor enclosure, I noticed he had tiny red ants all over him. They were super small, like the size of sugar ants that you get in your house. Do I need to worry about these? I read that you and use food grade diatomaceous earth. However, I...
  9. peridot

    Elephant Grass & Protein?

    I tried doing a search but didn’t see anything about this! I saw somewhere that elephant grass needs to be offered in limited quantities because it can have high protein levels. Is this true? Does anyone have any research or info about this?
  10. peridot

    Two Antibiotics?

    Long story short: My tortoise was suffering from constipation and had a feeding tube inserted when he stopped eating. During one of the first feedings he aspirated and got pneumonia. The vet prescribed Baytril and Fortaz to be taken together. Is that common to have two antibiotics at once? And...
  11. peridot

    Radiated Tortoise & Runny Eyes?

    Quick question! Do Radiated tortoises ever get runny eyes? I’ve noticed one of my yearlings eyes will be a little runny if I wake him up or disturb him while he’s sleeping. They’re never runny otherwise and he has no other symptoms. Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. peridot

    Not Pooping? Constipated?

    Hi! My radiated tort hasn't pooped in the last 6 days. In the past two days he's slowed down eating, but is still nibbling on food and moving around. So far I've tried: long soaks, feeding pumpkin, car ride, setting him on the dryer for the vibrations. None of the above has seemed to help. He...
  13. peridot

    Tortoise spit up?

    Hi! My tortoise was eating grass when I noticed what looked like drool coming out of his mouth. When I got closer a lot more water came out, like he spit up while chewing. I took all his food away after this. What could have been the cause of something like this? Today he’s primarily had wheat...
  14. peridot

    Deadnettle Seeds?

    Hi! Where I live everything is sprayed by the city and I would be scared to feed any deadnettle I find around my house. Does anyone know of a good place to buy deadnettle seeds? I found some on ebay and shot the seller some questions, but haven’t heard back. So, I wanted to ask here and see if...
  15. peridot

    Water shooting out of nose?!

    Quick question! My tort usually bubbles water out of his nose after drinking during his soak. But, today, a lot of water shot out, like a little water gun. It almost looked like it came out of his mouth, too?? I have never seen anything like that before! Should I be concerned?
  16. peridot

    Lugarti Food?

    Hi! Is anyone familiar with this food? I’ve been seeing it a lot on Instagram and was curious! (I asked this same question on a FB group and got absolutely slammed. I’m well aware that fresh food is better. I wouldn’t be giving this as a main staple, only occasionally!!)
  17. peridot

    Heavy breathing?

    I’ve noticed that my two year old radiated has been breathing heavy these past 2 weeks. He has been eating normally and has no discharge from the eyes and mouth. I wasn’t sure if they just breathed like this when they’re looking for food or a little stressed... because I don’t remember him...
  18. peridot

    Blood Work?

    3 years ago I adopted a tortoise with A LOT of medical issues (MBD, pneumonia, eye infection). I was able to get him over all those hurdles, but am constantly worried about his health. He's currently 230g. Would it be a good idea at his next wellness checkup to get blood work done? Would he be...
  19. peridot

    Bug Spray?

    My husband usually pulls in the plants I grow for the tortoises before the bug man comes and sprays the outside of our house. Sadly, he forgot this time. The hibiscus I use for their food was in the spray zone. Does anyone know how long you have to wait for the bug spray to get out of the plants...
  20. peridot

    Yearling Spit Up?

    I’ve raised several tortoise, but never encountered this problem. I was feeding my yearling and he was chewing his food, but seemed to spit up while chewing. A bunch of water came up and he continued chewing. I stopped him to look at him. Has anyone else experienced anything like this before...