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  1. Defishnsea

    6 month update.

    Haven't been on in awhile, and figured I would check in with some 6 month old stats and pics. Hoxie made 6 months on sept. 6th. Current carapace length measured with a micrometer is 3.14 inches (7.98cm). Weight is 104 grams. Targeted weight with Dr. Donohue formula is 96.90 grams. Might be time...
  2. Defishnsea

    Dew point

    I am one of those freaks that likes to check the humidity levels in my area and compare to random cities in Brazil to see how close we compare. I live in S.E. Louisiana, where it feels like a wet towel thrown in your face when you walk outside right now. Our humidity today was "only" 52%, but...
  3. Defishnsea

    Plastron panic

    The few spots of concern are the dots on the darker umbilical area on the right( his left) and the white squiggly lines (not the lines that separate the scutes) in the shallow groves that I have zoomed in on. The white has been there since I got it, (1 month) and aren't spreading, but I just...
  4. Defishnsea

    RF perfect hideout

    This is three month old Hoxie (no clue what the name means, my three y/o daugher came up with it)hiding out at the base of a clump of Liriope. This is his/her go to hideout.
  5. Defishnsea

    Outdoor redfoot enclosure mister

    It's getting hot and dry in southeast Louisiana. I find it difficult some days to have the time in the morning to water down the enclosure. This was my solution. Two pieces of 3/4 PVC, a 12 pack of mister landscape mist nozzles and a slip on PVC hose adapter. A PVC elbow, end cap and tie downs...
  6. Defishnsea

    Such thick growth rings?

    He/she is about 2.5 months old now and seems like the growth rings are really thick. I see pictures of some that look similar, and others that are perfectly smooth. Just wondering, to the more experienced, does this looks normal? I am following the turtletary caresheet. I mist it down daily and...
  7. Defishnsea

    Tortoise yard review

    I received my two month old redfoot Tuesday from Vicki Hale at tortoise yard. She was quick to respond to all my questions. The tortoise came well packed and arrived on time like she said. She and her hatchlings seem top notch.
  8. Defishnsea

    RF diet question

    I just received a two month old RF on Tuesday. I keep it in an 8x8 outdoor enclosure with an attached 4x4 insulted heated house during the day. The first day it ate well. The last two days it wasn't interested. It ate very little mango today. Upon inspection of the enclosure I noticed it's been...
  9. Defishnsea

    Redfoot Advice

    Hello all, I am new to the forum, and am looking for some advice. I have been researching and thinking about getting a Redfoot. I live in Southeast Louisiana where most of the year is hot and humid. Do you think if I build a heated shelter could an adult stay outdoors year round here? I...