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  1. Chizbad

    Arcadia light set up

    Can anybody tell me what exactly I should be looking for in an Arcadia light set up?
  2. Chizbad

    UV/light meter? Suggestions

    Could someone please tell me a good reliable option for reading UV in my enclosure?
  3. Chizbad

    Plant ID help plz...

  4. Chizbad

    Male or female question...

    I’m aware it takes several years for a young tort to show their gender. My question, many people seem to think that they can still tell at a young age and claim their shell won’t change “that much”, so how much can ones shell change while growing?
  5. Chizbad

    Enclosure mold

    Just curious how long it would take a enclosed plywood chamber to begin molding? I have a thick black plastic under about 6 inches of substrate... will the walls and roof begin to mold and how long would that take?
  6. Chizbad

    Baby doing fine... but still some puffiness around those back legs?

    I made a post a while back about my little one having some “puffiness”... well since then my little one has been nothing but active while almost doubling in size. There is no reason to believe anything is wrong what-so-ever, however, there is still this little puffiness when he tucks his back...
  7. Chizbad

    Orchard hay - how long will it stay edible stored in a cool dry place?

    So I’m going to start introducing very small and finely chopped hay to my little ones meals. I’ve just found a bag of orchard hay that has managed to hide itself for I would imagine a year possibly in my cabinets. This may be a dumb question, but when does it go bad as far as consumption is...
  8. Chizbad

    Weeds growing in my yard... plz help ID

    Can anyone tell me what these two weeds are before I let my tort get anywhere near them. Wilmington, NC.Thanks!
  9. Chizbad

    Wood for tortoise enclosure?

    Going to build a new enclosure today... any suggestions on a specific type of wood to purchase from Home Depot that will not make my little one sick? Thanks!
  10. Chizbad

    New Baby Sulcata - “Air Pockets” puffiness under legs

    new baby sulcata about 4 months old... maybe I’m worrying too much but is the puffiness normal? Here are a few pictures to show, thanks!