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  1. atx95

    Critique my set up

    I recently changed my baby Sulcatas enclosure and just wanted to get some feedback. I have read the care sheets and tried my best to replicate what’s works based off yalls experience. The substrate is 4-6 inches deep throughout the set up. Humidity has been consistently 60-90% temps 78-100+ I...
  2. atx95

    What other reptiles do you keep?

    Hey forum! I was just curious about what other reptiles some members on her may currently keep/ used to keep. Although the tortoise may be my favorite animal on earth my caiman is a close second. I’ve really been enjoying this forum and love seeing pictures/ backstorys behind everyone’s animals...
  3. atx95

    Extra scute questions

    I noticed a extra scute on the rear end of my tort. Is this just cosmetic or could it lead to problems in the future since it’s located above his hind leg? I wasn’t made aware of this when ordering him but I don’t mind, I just want to make sure it won’t be a issue in the future. I was also...
  4. atx95

    Outdoor baby Sulcata

    Hello forum! I have been keeping my Sulcata baby outdoors in the Texas heat for the last month. Temperatures get above 100 degrees everyday. He has plenty of shade and I soak him 3 times a day. I was wondering if there is anything I should keep a eye on or pay special attention too. He is very...