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  1. keiraliang

    My Asian brown tortoise pictures

    Just received the tortoise , going to give her a shower eat really fast she will be living in the back yard of my house
  2. keiraliang

    New Yellow-foot baby :)

    New Yellow-foot baby :tort::tort::tort::tort::tort: It doesn't look humid, but it's very humid and warm inside. It just doesn't show, but water is under the mat everywhere. Humidity: 80%
  3. keiraliang

    Does it look healthy?

    This is a baby yellow-foot. I like its extra scutes. Does it look healthy?
  4. keiraliang

    Baby got bigger!

    We were born 09-12-2011 Our Birth picture. And now we are bigger! Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
  5. keiraliang

    Female Russian tortoise missing in Plano, TX 75075

    My Female Russian tortoise is missing(10/03/2011) Please let me know if you see the tortoise. call or text 214-298-6575 or email [email protected] thank you ! Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded...
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    3 eggs on 7/4/2011

    Uploaded with My Russian tortoise has been digging holes in her enclosure for days, and yesterday (7/4/2011) she finally did it! YAY!
  8. keiraliang

    Humidity, no good?

    So I got this fogger and put in my Red-foots enclosure because I read a lot of stuff tells me that red-foots are from forest and need a lot of humidity. Now, my enclosure is humid. but they just keep digging deeper and deeper try to sleep under the mud. so deep that I can't see them now...
  9. keiraliang

    Two Russian tortoise in TX for adoption~
  10. keiraliang

    How do you keep the humidity high in Red-foot's enclosure ?

    I have three Red-foot tortoises indoor in the smaller enclosure, and it's pretty cold and dry recently, I notice their head is dry~ especially the red spot on their head is dry. I pour some water in the enclosure and put more sponge moss so the humidity is higher now. I just want to know how...
  11. keiraliang

    Why do they open their mouth when I spray on them?

    When I spray on them, they would open their mouth but their head would go back in the shell half-way. Are they trying to drink or something else? Thanks!
  12. keiraliang

    My Red-foots stopped eating Dandelion flower

    They've always like to eat Dandelion flowers, but they won't eat it now. They would eat greens, carrots, fruits, chicken meat but not dandelion flower!! Does anyone know why?~ No one wants to eat them now :( Uploaded with
  13. keiraliang

    Egg Growing

    Russian tortoise egg- Found on 11/13/2010 been in incubator for 10 days now. One of them turn red and one of them still very white. Looks very empty. Uploaded with Uploaded with
  14. keiraliang

    Found Russian Tortoise egg!

    I found an egg(Russian Tortoise) in the enclosure this morning. I don't know how long has it been lay there. when first found,the shell is already hard. There's male russian tortoise in the same enclosure. I want to know how to find out if the egg is still alive... I don't know what...
  15. keiraliang

    Introduce ~~~~~~FootFoot ! ! !

    Hello, My name is FootFoot~ I am a girl :D I got Footfoot from Petco because she live in that 20G glass tank for 3 years and looks very unhappy. She is very adorable so I decide to take her home :) Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded...
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    What kind of turtle is this?

    I saw this in the creek behind my house. He's walking aorund in the water. Looks fun!.:D Picture is kinda big, need few seconds to load... Uploaded with
  17. keiraliang

    Eyeless Tortoise!...

    I saw this on Craigslist.. :(
  18. keiraliang

    Two questions about Russian tortoise!

    First question is, outdoor temperature is 94F now(in shade). Is it too hot for Russian tortoise? Second question. Please see pictures below... Is this Russian tortoise a Male or Female? it's 6 inch long. very dome shape. The tail is not long at all, but it has a "hook" on the end...