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  1. JackieJax

    Positive associations?

    So I've been trying to bribe Tortimer to "like" me... or at least have a positive association with me. He has all of his needs met... night box, day shed, large grass and tortiose/cat friendly plant covered backyard, well fed. He doesn't like me petting his shell (no way he'll let me pet his...
  2. JackieJax

    Tortimer is just awesome... even though he hates me

    He still won't let me pet him, but I still love him. LoL
  3. JackieJax

    5 year old doesnt want to be in the heat

    It's around 80-95 degrees now... but my tortiose keeps finding areas that are around 60-75 degrees in the yard or through the doggie door in the garage. He has an 8×4 box with a heater (one of Tom's blueprints) that is set to 90 degrees and the last couple of nights he chose to sleep outside...
  4. JackieJax

    Is Tortimer getting uhhh... frisky? And other questions

    Tortimer is 5 years old... possibly approaching 6 years old and he's around 50 lbs. He's been sleeping through the warm/hot days and coming out around late afternoon and going back in his house around dusk. So he spends around 20 hours a day in his house instead of out and about like he used to...
  5. JackieJax

    Moving to Utah with Tortimer

    Hi everyone! Is anyone from Utah or somewhere similar? I'm from Southern California and we have to move to Utah for work (Roy, Utah). I looked up the laws for keeping a Sulcata tortiose and it looks like I can only have one, but the paperwork I've found is for newly adopted tortioses. Actually...
  6. JackieJax

    Rescued with question about hibernation

    I just rescued an African Spur from getting dropped off at a shelter, but apparently I'm out of my depth. This is my first tortoise. He's around 40 lbs and 5 years old. I am currently setting up additions to his habitat, as he doesn't seem to like what I created for him and he's choosing weird...