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  1. Rhyno47

    Color Enhancing

    I bought this product the other day and have started to feed it to my Painted Turtle as well as my Box Turtle. It promises to induce color due to the krill and a few other high color ingredients. Has anyone ever used this before? Does it work...
  2. Rhyno47

    New Food Options

    My Boxie is getting older. A year old in October. She has quadrupled in size and I need to start giving her new foods. What are your favorites / their favorites? Also what is the most available?
  3. Rhyno47

    Redfoots at Petco

    There are 2 redfoots at my local Petco. They are just over 4 inches. They are very colorful and have full yellow heads. They have been there for so long that their price has dropped to $109.00. Anyone interested?
  4. Rhyno47

    Hermit Crabs

    So I'm going to try to keep 2 hermit crabs in with my tortoise. Hopefully they will clean the enclosure of any food Isaac has dropped, poop, and any other organic material that could mold or stink up over time. I know Isaac is a sulcata but his enclosure is basically a redfoot or box turtle...
  5. Rhyno47

    Turtles & Tortoises inc. Anyone know anything about this site? It says they breed with wild caught specimens, and that new wild caught specimens are brought in every year. Sounded fishy. Also the picture of their breeding room on the main page looks like a factory. I could...
  6. Rhyno47

    Update: Zoo Keeper

    So after a long time I am finally a zoo keeper! Its at The Catoctin Preserve and Zoo. My department is brand new and only has one other employee in it. We take care of a small collection of animals but the owner said that he wants us to be in charge of growing our collection. Which is awesome...
  7. Rhyno47

    When to put down an animal...

    Ok so Ive seen some pretty gruesome things happen to turtles. Some from this forum and some online elsewhere. I have also seen almost all of them pull through. Reptiles can recover from horrific wounds. I was on another forum and a user posted this pic (link below.) A mouse bit it and tore...
  8. Rhyno47

    New Ball Python w. Pics

    So I finally got my first Ball Python! I named him Moe.
  9. Rhyno47

    Manassas Reptile Show

  10. Rhyno47

    Manassas Reptile Show

  11. Rhyno47

    Pics of Ellie

    Does she look healthy? Just looking for an opinion. She decided to climb her coconut.
  12. Rhyno47

    Poor Cooter

    I found an injured Red Bellied Cooter today. Its about a foot long and had the front part of its shell gnawed on. Its back left leg was also bitten off from the knee down. It was allready starting to heal and seemed healthy weight wize. I put it back alongside the pond in a bush. It didnt seem...
  13. Rhyno47


    So I bought an Aloe plant. I feed a piece to my one russian and she tore it to shreds. So is aloe good to feed to all torts?
  14. Rhyno47

    Look what I found...

    Me and a friend were walking along the C&O and I caught a juvenile snapping turtle. He looks really healthy but it has a leech in its mouth. There was no way I could get it out. It wasn't very happy about all of this though.
  15. Rhyno47

    New Growth (Sulcata)

    I made a couple changes and it seems to have worked in just a few days. I increased the moisture in the substrate to create more humidity. I feed Isaac more greens and less Mazuri. Im not saying Mazuri is bad, its fantastic, but too much I think means too much protein for a sulcata. I also...
  16. Rhyno47

    Mr. Turtle

    Who else has fallen in love with Mr. Sydney Turtle from "My Name is Earl?"
  17. Rhyno47

    Killing Algae

    Most every time I clean my turtle tanks I do it because of algae. I heard you can add a little salt and it will kill off the algae and not harm the turtle. Only animals that breathe with gills can be harmed. Is this true? If so it would be a lifesaver.
  18. Rhyno47

    Sulcata Leopard Hybrids

    Ive heard that they are out there. Anyone else know of anything? Pictures?
  19. Rhyno47

    East Coasters?

    I keep hearing from people out in California or Oregon. Where are all the Marylanders or Virginians? New Yorkers? Georgians?
  20. Rhyno47

    Snappers up for Adoption

    I have two hatchling Snapping Turtles and I am willing to give them to anyone who can give them a good home.