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  1. daddy_frankenstein

    Grow tent Enclosure for Greek Yearling - Feedback wanted! [With Photos]

    Hello all! My Greek yearling is moving to a new home and I’ve built her an indoor enclosure that I hope will last her I until she is 3. Dimensions are 180cm by 90cm (roughly 6ft by 3ft). The substrate is a mixture of coco coir and orchid bark (Roughly a 70:30 mix). She’s got a heat lamp, UVB...
  2. daddy_frankenstein

    Is my hay-obssessed Greek tortoise getting enough light?

    Hey everyone! I've got a 9 month old Greek tortoise who's had a little extension put in on her enclosure about 2 weeks ago- At the start all I put in the extension was hay (she loves sleeping and digging in hay), and she seems to enjoy it. But now she spends all of her time in there...
  3. daddy_frankenstein

    Is my Greek tortoise getting enough UVB? [Photos attached]

    Hi there! New to the forum but wanted a second opinion on whether my tortoise is getting enough UVB light. My tortoise is set up in a converted wardrobe, half of which is taken up by another tortoise enclosure (which I've not attached as their tortoise set up isn't mine to share) - The two...