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    Baby sulcata hatched without right front leg

    I have a baby hatch today it came out of an egg that was cracked when the female layed it. It's right front limb is missing I was wondering if this has happened before to others I'm going to keep it and raise it to the best of my ability.
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    My tortoise is small for his age.

    I have a sulcata that was hatched in 2008. He is only 23 pounds though i took him to the vet for a fecal check i went to a new vet and he was surprised my old one didnt tell me he was so behind. I purchased him last year in every other way hes healthy. I wonder if hes stunted or if he will...
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    Crush my new sulcata

    I just got this young male sulcata. Hes pretty healthy my enclosure is 10 by 10 for now he is about 11 inches long and they said he was 5 years old. Im building a larger enclosure for when he gets bigger. Ive been told that tin is a good way to go. Do i need to rush and put him in something...
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    Redfoot layed an egg on top of the ground

    My female redfoot layed an egg on top of the ground just one. Ive watched her sniff the ground and look for places to lay. She has good ground in her enclosure to lay in. Ive been looking to see if shes buried any other eggs but i cant see any place that shes been digging. Would it be really...
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    male redfoot is it too large for my females?

    I have a 14 pound male red foot called Turok. My females are 11 and 9 inches about six pounds to eight pounds. I was told by my friend that the male might be too large for them. I was also going to wait on the 9 inch female breeding I was told it was better to wait till she was a little...
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    redfoots grazing

    Heres some pics of my torts grazing today
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    new red foot not eating much

    I bought her at an expo and I knew she wasn't doing great. She looks thin where her backlegs are. I've been soaking her in pedialyte water. I took her to my vet today and he gave her vitamins no vitamin a, fluids via iv, and we're giving her some panacur. She doesn't eat much she's 11 inches...
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    thin red foot

    I have a new red foot female that I acquired from a bad situation. I've wormed her with panacur cuz she was kept with imports I believe she is an import. She is 11 inches and weighs 2752 grams. She is lighter than my 9 inch female who weighs 2119 grams and feels very heavy and is healthy. I...
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    tortoise slept in the cold instead of heated house

    My red foot tortoises were in their heated dog house last night. I found them all out of it this morning in 48 degree weather. I've brought them in and are slowly heating them back up will they be fine and what else should I do for them in the mean time. I'm going to fix their house where...