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    Denver, Colorado 2 greeks for adoption

    Hi Dana, Thanks so much for your interest in our greek torts. I have been lazy in closing out our adoption post, my apologies. Our torts were adopted by a fellow forum member, Eweezyfosheezy. We drove to Arizona and delivered the torts mid-June. Ha ha, Highlands Ranch would've been much...
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    Denver, Colorado 2 greeks for adoption

    It seems like forever since I've been on here . . . it's nice to see some familiar names! My youngest is heading off to college and unfortunately will only be able to take one tort with her to the dorms. The sad part is that we will have to adopt out her two other tortoises. They are a male...
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    What gender is our greek tort?

    Thanks, Danny! So, I guess they need to separated or can clutch mates be bred? Donna
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    What gender is our greek tort?

    Can you guys take a look and let us know the sex of our greeks? We got these two 'males' from Danny, several years ago, but one seems to look like a female now! But what do we know! Appreciate the help :3 This is Pip, the one we think is a girl. This is Oliver (left) and Pip...
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    succulent groundcover? (6 pics)

    We just got back from a trip to San Jose, CA, (daughter won first place in a scholarship competition at the culinary institute! Yeah!) and when we drove down to Santa Cruz, the beach cliffs and beach areas were covered with these plants! Just beautiful! Anyone know if ice plants can grow in...
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    local sacramento person with a hibiscus plant

    We live in northern Colorado and last summer I purchased a small hibiscus tree from Walmart, I think. It bloomed all summer long, beautiful salmon-colored flowers. I kept it on the porch and never did dig a hole and plant it in the ground since I don't think hibiscus plants can survive our...
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    Turbo is swollen again - pics

    Emma, I am so sorry to hear about Turbo . . . Donna
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    Be cute as Bob, no?

    How cute! Wow, it looks like he really spread his mazuri pile around. How much do you give him for a feeding Yvonne? Our greeks only eat a couple of pieces of mazuri, you must feed Bob by the bucket fulls!! Donna
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    Taco poses

    I love the last picture! It would make a great "december" calendar photo! Donna
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    New camera.. new "NOSE" pics

    More incredible nose pictures! The last one is adorable. Great job! Donna
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    Can you guess what this is?

    Silly, Yvonne - they are my christmas present!!! Yep, they are :D Just kidding . . . they are too cute, that's what they are! OK, really, I have no idea what they are . . . :P Donna
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    New camera.. new "NOSE" pics

    Hey, let's get back to tort noses :P I mean, the scenery pictures are nice but I have to agree with Kate . . . there is something so cute about tort nostrils! What a great picture! That's my new background on my desktop :D Donna
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    help with Photo contest pic

    Wouldn't the first picture be a great ad photo for the company that makes mazuri?!! I can see it now, a picture of your torts on all the mazuri bags :D Donna
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    What am I doing wrong now?!

    Hi Stephanie, we live north of Denver (in Berthoud). Our first tort vet (for our golden greek that would not eat) was @ Louisville's Centennial Valley Hospital and they did not seem to be very knowledgable about tortoises and I don't think we received good care. I would not recommend them...
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    baby desert tortoises eating

    Wow thanks Yvonne! I know what's for dinner! Donna
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    baby desert tortoises eating

    Would a pumpkin blossom be the same as a squash blossom? I have plenty of those in the garden :D and they would be for our greek torts. Can greeks have squash blossoms? Thanks! Donna
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    mating greeks

    What a cute picture! It looks like he's flying . . . :) Donna
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    2 leopard tortoises for adoption

    Would you be interested in having someone 'foster' them until you get back on your feet? We might be interested in that. We have plenty of inside and outside space and currently have three greeks but we don't know anything about leopards. Do they hibernate? Eastern Colorado to Chicago would...
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    Little Bit is sick

    Robyn, I am so sorry. Donna
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    Our new outdoor enclosure

    Thanks Yvonne, Kate, Isa, Seiryu and Candy! Yvonne, the chair is were my tort daughter likes to sit and read! They are her torts and she did help me a little bit with the enclosure. It is a unique design - one of a kind! The arched pipes were from a hay storage bldg that got blow apart this...