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  1. KCCO

    Pinworms, pinworms, pinworms.

    I'm on month three of owning my first tortoise (Russian). Took him to the vet at the end of January and they said he has pinworms and gave him his first worming. They want to charge me $100 per visit which I think is outrageous when I can deworm myself. My tort is getting more restless and he...
  2. KCCO

    Interaction/Handling Opinions

    I just got my tort last month and I've heard various opinions of how much you should handle a Russian tortoise. My tort is very active and although he/she does not have a clear enclosure it still paces and walks into the sides of it. (It's a huge tank as well, just to clear that up). I try to...
  3. KCCO

    Opinion on newspaper as substrate for RT?

    I just got my Russian tortoise last month, did all my research and found that most people suggest coconut coir substrate so that's what I got. I took my tort to the vet and he found a significant amount of pin worms. I have to go in two more times to get my tort dewormed and he said to throw out...