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  1. tylrhadn111

    Best Canister Filter?

    Hi, Everyone. Im currently saving my money up so, I can purchase a canister filter, a larger tank (I currently have a 20 gallon), and a large turtle dock. I need help deciding on a relatively cheap Canister Filter that is worth the money. Does anyone have any opinions on the situation?
  2. tylrhadn111

    Substrate for Hermann's?

    I have a Hermann's tortoise and I have been using repti-bark because thats what she had in her enclosure when I got her but now, im starting to think that she might like a different kind of substrate in her enclosure and it gets all kinds of nasty when it gets wet so, after a while, the...
  3. tylrhadn111

    Explanation of turtle behavior.

    Hi, everyone. I was wondering if anyone could give me an explanation as to what behavior my map turtle is displaying to my RES. I keep my eye on them to make sure he doesn't get hurt and to me, the map doesnt appear to be trying to hurt him. Any ideas? My Map fluttering at my RES part 2: Map...
  4. tylrhadn111

    My new Hermann's enclosure.

    I finally got the basics of a tortoise enclosure built. It still needs to be worked on but I would definitely appreciate any tips or advice on what can be done or added to it.
  5. tylrhadn111

    My NEW tortoise enclosure.

    I finally put together a suitable enclosure for my Hermann's. Im going to keep adding to it because I know its not perfect the way it is but she has much more room to explore than before.
  6. tylrhadn111

    Ideal basking temperatures?

    Can anybody tell me what the ideal temperature range is for my turtles basking spot? & do your turtles spasm when its too hot?
  7. tylrhadn111

    Do Turtles need a night light?

    I was turning on my Aquatic Turtles infrared light at night but I really doubt that they are basking at night and it doesn't make the water any warmer so, my question is do they need the light on at night?
  8. tylrhadn111

    How much space between dock and lid?

    I was wondering if there was a minimum amount that I should leave between the basking dock and the lid of the tank? I have a hang-on-the-back filter that I want to help keep the water clean but the current water level is too low for it to work properly So, I wanted to raise the water level but I...
  9. tylrhadn111

    What kind of goldfish is this?

    I was at Petco looking at fish (since, I have a tortoise and turtles my girlfriend HAD to have her own pet so, I talked her into fish.) And while looking at there fish I noticed one didn't have a dorsal fin. It looks either like a Lionhead, Eggfish, or Ranchu but the other fish in the tank with...
  10. tylrhadn111

    Show off your closed chamber enclosure.

    Hello again, everyone. I was hoping that everyone and anyone that has a closed chamber tortoise enclosure would post pictures showing its general layout but you can post pictures of any enclosure that would keep the temperatures high enough even in a chilly basement and would also have the micro...
  11. tylrhadn111

    Question about female tortoise.

    This is going to seem like a strange or silly question but I couldn't find a definitive answer on Google so, i have had a couple people tell my that my Hermanns is a female but every once in a while, while she pees or I'm petting her shell, she'll push this pink thing out of her Cloaca. Now, my...
  12. tylrhadn111

    Issues with heat and humidity?

    Hello everyone. I was planning on starting the construction of my Hermann's tortoise's tortoise table but I had to main concerns. The first one is with heat. How would I keep it warm enough while also giving her the micro climates that she needs to thrive in. I live in the basement and sometimes...
  13. tylrhadn111

    People that hold their turtles...

    I was just wondering if anyone has any aquatic turtles that are comfortable enough to be held and "played with"? I am a firm believer in turtle being able to be held and treated like a pet and not just a painting to be observed. I want to get my RES slider to be people friendly and i was hoping...
  14. tylrhadn111

    Fluttering front claws.

    I don't know if my Map turtle is sexually mature enough to want to mate with my baby RES so, I'm assuming it's a sign of dominance, to show that the food in the tank is his because I put lettuce in the tank that they can munch on whenever and he doesn't seem to be doing it anymore...
  15. tylrhadn111

    Tortoise thinks my hand is food...

    Will my Hermann's tortoise ever stop thinking that my fingers are food? Because hes always chasing my hands trying to eat them and it makes it so, him is much harder.
  16. tylrhadn111

    Careers in Herpetology?

    I would like to have a career that is based around turtles and/or herpetology. Does anyone know any occupations that relates? & What should someone do if they're interested in turtles? I know, for most people, it'll always remain a hobby but I'd like it to be more than that. I'm just not sure...
  17. tylrhadn111

    Does this seem stressful?

    I got a baby RES like 4 days ago and yesterday my Map turtle keeps fluttering his claws at the RES and I was wondering if that's stressful? Considering, the RES is too small to stop the Map.
  18. tylrhadn111

    RES biting at the larger Map Turtle.

    So, yesterday I put a baby RES in a tank with my Juvinile Map Turtle and they Map seemed to like the little guy. Then, today they were both on the dock together when, out of nowhere, my Map started spinning and you could hear his shell bang against the glass. Once he did a full 360° spin, he...
  19. tylrhadn111

    The difference between baby and juvenile?

    I don't understand the difference between a baby and a juvenile. Would a turtle be considered a juvenile until its an adult? I was hoping someone could clarify this topic for me. Thank you.
  20. tylrhadn111

    Best distance from basking dock?

    What would be the ideal distance between the light and basking dock? I'm just nervous of having it too close but I see that the lights at the pet stores usually hang quite low. Any thoughts?