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    Skin peeling in my soft shell

    I was out of station for like 11-12 days so I left my soft shell on one of my neighbor's house. When my sister went to pick him back she said his water was too dirty and looked as it wasn't changed for days. My soft shell has something which looks like peeling shell layer its not like normal...
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    How much a soft shell turtle must sleep?

    How much should my soft shell turtle should sleep? Also he does not sleep in water so what can I do or I don't know because I have never seen him sleeping there!
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    Wrinkles on my turtles shell

    please help, this wrinkles have increased slowly a bit, initially i thought it's because of simple ageing or keeping his head out for long in upward direction but now it's concerning me
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    My tortoise being very active

    Someone gifted me this tortoise so i exactly don't know know it's species but he is a male for sure. From last 2 3 days he is very active and behaving differently he comes before me, i am scared he might bite, he i guess even offered his nose to me too. His shell on upper side near his neck is...