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    Are these types of weeds edible?

    Just found some new weeds in my yards and was just wondering if I would be able to feed them to my little sulcata tort who is about 6 months old 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Hey just wondering if my little tort was looking ok I noticed his back foot is a little dark I think it might just be dirt not sure but just making sure my little tort is a healthy one
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    Mazuri pellet food or zoomed grassland tortoise food?

    I can’t decide which one to buy to feed my sulcata which is about 5 months old Which is best? How often should I feed them the product Is there such thing as too much of the product which could lead to something bad in growth etc?
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    Anyone have any experience with this weed? Just fed my tort a little I have heard mixed opinions of it I gave it to him once and he seemed completely fine I just gave him a little more than last time mixed with pellet and grass I believe it is spurge
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    Healthy Baby Sulcata Shell?

    Just wondering if these small white marks are okay and if his shell looks healthy it is fairly hard it has definitely gotten harder since I have gotten him
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    How do I know my tort is stressed? Sometimes when u pick him up he air runs and I try not to hold him for to long also I recently ACCIDENTALLY dropped him I felt terrible I don’t know how it happened but i didn’t see any cracks or chips on his shell ( I will be sure to update if I see anything)...
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    More weeds

    Hello just wondering what kinds of weeds these are and if they are edible for my baby sulcata? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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    Diet etc

    Are weeds good for a daily food like a staple? I give my baby sulcata mallow, spurge, and prickly lettuce mixed with zilla food and a store veggie either dandelion greens, turnip greens or even mustard greens sometimes mixed together usually but weeds are always in his meals is this ok? Or is it...
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    Are these weeds edible for my baby sulcata tort?

    I live in Arizona and this is the time where my backyard is INFESTED with weeds and I thought I’d take advantage of this so I was wondering if any of these are edible for my baby sulcata 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. I know this is a lot but even if you know one...
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    Is this okay to eat?

    Hello just had some questions about the diet of my baby sulcata tortoise he loves mustard greens, kale, he also eats collard greens but he doesn’t like it that much I also mix in zilla tortoise food pellets and he LOVES those pellets I’m trying to make him eat more vegetables so I’m putting less...
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    Does my baby sulcata look healthy??

    Just wanted some feedback on my baby sulcata I give him 2 soaks a day and I soak him outside in natural sunlight at least 3 times a week but I just wanted to know if he looked healthy. I have recently noticed his urates looked like small pebbles and it has gotten to look like sand this was very...
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    I have just made an instagram for my little guy and I want to share his adventure with all of you please come and follow him @walter.the_tortoise
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    Quick Question about my temperatures in my closed enclosure

    In my enclosure my digital thermostat says it’s 87 at night 92 during the day in the entire thing and when I use my thermal temp gun on the substrate it ranges from 88-97 on the hotter side and 97 being the basking rock and low 90’s around the area also I have a humid hide near it that is...
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    I had a quick question about temps in my enclosure the hottest spot is 102-103 degrees and it’s the basking area and near it is about 80 degrees the coldest spot is around 75degrees and inside his hide is about 77-81 degrees and this is where he spends most his time occasionally he will go on...
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    Is my substrate to wet??? Please help!!

    I was wondering how wet Is to wet for a baby sulcata this is how wet it is at some spots I can squeeze water out of it if I try really hard but most spots I can squeeze water out or Also when I push on the bottom of my sulcatas shell I noticed it was kinda squishy where I could push on it and...
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    Little flying bugs

    I have noticed today that there are small flying bugs in my enclosure they are small and may be fruit flies but I’m worried they will harm my little tortoise or lay eggs inside his enclosure what can I do about this? They randomly came all at once
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    Please help answer my questions about my baby sulcata!!

    I have recently had the pleasure of getting a baby sulcata who is about a month or two old he is about the size of an egg haha the humidity is usually around high 60’s and the temp in the enclosure is mid 80’s in the morning and mid 70’s at night but I had a few questions 1. How moist should...
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    I need help with humidity

    Hello I have a month old sulcata tortoise and I’m having trouble keeping the humidity levels high right now I am at a 52% which I know is 30% to low I am using coconut coir and cypress mulch in the enclosure I also have an open top indoor enclosure please help me I would like to keep my boy at...
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    I need help with my baby sulcata and it’s heat lights

    Hola this is my first post but I am in need of some assistance everything in here has been very helpful but I had a question. I have a 60watt Exo Tera ceramic heater and I believe it is an infrared light but it does not show red I was wondering if this is ok to use during the day time as well as...