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  1. Newbietortowner

    Wanted leopard tort

    If anyone near little rock, AR, or willing to ship, has a leopard tortoise to rehome I'd love to give it a loving home. I could pay shipping or if anyone wants to do a trade I have a high end gargoyle gecko I'm looking to trade. He's healthy and everything I just don't need two males. Thanks -steph
  2. Newbietortowner

    Cypress mulch?

    Should I use cypress mulch for a yearling? Or just use moss? I currently have moss and repti bark. I worry about the cypress jabbing them. I thought about mixing it with coco earth and packing it down. Could anyone tell me what they use. I'm a beginner with tortoises
  3. Newbietortowner

    High end gargoyle for leopard tort

    Hi everyone, I have a high end gargoyle gecko sub adult male orange stripe I'd like to trade for a leopard tort hatchling/yearling. I'm located in little rock, Arkansas.
  4. Newbietortowner

    Red foot looks like eyes watering

    Hi all, I got my first tortoise a small red foot off craiglist about 2/3 weeks ago. I noticed him rubbing at his face and yesterday I would swear it looked like tears, like crying. Can anyone provide some insight? Is it something I should treat? Or something I just need to watch?
  5. Newbietortowner

    New owner of red foot

    Would anyone be willing to share a photo of a proper set up for a 6month old red foot? Secondly, it was suggested that I get a sterilite tub to keep him in as it holds humidity best. Opinions? I bought the largest surface area tub they had at Walmart. Baby is around the size of a toddler shoes.