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    How do I heat this enclosure for our 8 year old Sulcata?

    Hello everyone! We live in Missouri and have nasty winters, I am trying to get head start this year with planning a new indoor enclosure for our 8 year old. I have never been able to figure out how to keep him warm enough during the winter, which means that for 3 months he goes off to "...
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    My Sulcata is starting to brumate

    Hello everyone! Well, I thought I did a good job of getting our 6 year old Sulcatas indoor enclosure ready, but it turned out that I could not keep the temps up high enough. He started eating less and less...then starting hiding in his borrow almost all the time. If i got him out and put him...
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    Help me make the move back indoors successful!

    Hello everyone! Our Sulcata turned 6 years old this spring, and we decided he was big enough to have free range of our backyard. After a lot of tough love, we finally got him to start eating the grasses and weeds that he was supposed to be eating for the last 6 years!!!! I will admit that I did...
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    I am babysitting a Russian, and the shell doesnt look right

    Hello everyone! We started babysitting a Russian Tortoise for a friend today, and when I was looking it over, its shell did not look right on the bottom side. The pictures will be more helpful than my description. I do know that it is housed in coco fiber and fed baby spring mix, peas, and...
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    What is this cactus and how do I feed it?

    Hello all!!!! My nieghbor has this cactus and told me I could use it to feed our 5 year old sulcata. I have no idea what kind it is or if it safe to feed him. If so, do i have to de-thorn it first or just throw the pads in with him?? Thanks in advance, Jeffrey
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    our 5 year old sully ate some acting weird

    Hello all, our 5 year old sully lives outside during the summer, some neighbors came over and took him our of his normal habitat and let him walk around the backyard, he had only been out for 2 or 3 minutes and was already in the flower bed and we saw him eat a piece of mulch before we could get...
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    Outside during thunderstorms???

    Hello everyone! We live in Missouri and have some NASTY storms that blow thru here. I was curious about what you do with your torts during heavy storm activity??? We have a 5 year old Sulcata and my wife makes me bring him inside whenever it starts getting bad. What are your thoughts...
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    1st post here. Help with seeds for outdoor enclosure

    Hello everyone!! This is my first post here in the forum. We have a 5 year old Sulcatta named Thomas..........along with a couple of breeding pairs of Panther Chameleons and two Sphynx cats:D Last year when we started putting Thomas outside during the spring and summer, he ate all the...