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    New Plant poped up what is it and is it safe

    Hello once again I need some help and this place is ALWAYS the place to turn to for me . I have recently had a new growth of some sort of plant or weed pop up in the front yard garden and was wondering what kind of plant/weed it is and do you guys think its safe to feed my baby sulcata ...
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    Bakersfield Torts

    Hi guys and Gals just looking for some tort lovers from Bakersfield CA, I see the local club of sorts her but was looking for some people from the forum !
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    Hunter Groth Chart Start

    Hunter 8-29-13 55g 2.5 "
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    update on Hunters Play ground additions

    We went to the stores to get some more Cyprus Mulch for Hunter and added some Orchid Bark to help retain water and give him some extra bumps to climb you know work his legs. and added some places for him to get out of the sun, shades if you will. I also finally found some good organic...
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    Hunters shell concerns

    Here is Hunter Still young, was told only a few months. I have been reading about MBD and Pyramiding Do you think he has the start of something? The dark areas look kind of deep if that's the word? We have only had Him/or Her a week. Doing all the stuff Tom says he does , I hope...
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    Hello New to site

    My name is Josh and my wife and I have decided my 12 year old daughter Heather is old enough and responsible enough, so we decided to get her a Sulcata Tortoise ! I have been reading a TON from this awesome site , you all are very knowledgeable and have a lot of experience raising these little...