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    Beak trimming

    I'm pretty sure one of my tortoises has an overgrown beak. It can still eat but it seems like it has to work harder at getting a bite to eat. I think the beak is getting in the way. I've started calling around for a reptile vet. How much have you paid for something like this? The vets I've...
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    Cutting food smaller?

    When feeding large leafy greens to your tortoises do you chop or tear them up into smaller pieces or do you just give it whole? I usually just put the whole thing in for them to tear up and eat. They seem to do just fine but they often trample the whole leaf. When we feed bits of fruit I...
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    Hello from WI

    Hi everyone, I'm Liz from Wisconsin. I've been browsing this forum for awhile now and decided to join. I am taking care of 2 male tortoises -long term--until their owners return to the states. They are 6-8 years old and were imported from Germany My best guess is that they are some sort...