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  1. rapidnelson

    Hibernation - Jackson Ratio 2 Yr Old Hermanns

    Hi, I have begun to wind down my 2 year old hermanns. I weighed and measured him before the wind down and again this wknd. He is 9.2cm in length and his weight has dropped from 157g to 142g over the past 11 days. I've shortened the length of time the lamp is on and continue to bathe him almost...
  2. rapidnelson

    Hermanns Enclosure - too damp?

    Hi there. I've had my tortoise for about 18 months and have recently tried to increase the humidity of his enclosure by adding coco coir and sphagnum moss to his substrate. Is there any way that substrate can be too damp? We were previously just using habistat substrate and adding water when it...