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  1. jskahn

    Bird and Reptile Sow

    On Aug 28 there is a show at the Arizona Fair Grounds in Phoenix.
  2. jskahn

    Leopard Tortoise Youngsters

    I have a group of well established youngsters. They are eating a healthy variety of foods, and growing great. They are using damp hide boxes. The oldest ones are about 3 months old. I am asking $100. + $50. shipping each, or 2 for $175. + $50. shipping.
  3. jskahn

    My First Caramel Hatchling

    My Caramel females have laid their first clutches this year. Being it is the first time they were large enough to lay, the eggs were small. This is what I found today.
  4. jskahn

    A Good Week for Stars

    This week, I have had a Sari Lankin Star lay her second clutch of the season, and 5 out of five from another female hatched. They should all be females.The 5 hatchlings that is.
  5. jskahn

    MVB-- Latest Opinions?

    I keep most of my turtles, and tortoises outside, all year long. In the last few years, I have a few large indoor set ups. Mostly with water turtles. Over those years, I have lost a few gravid females. When I had my most recent necropsy, the vet suggested that using a MVB should help the...
  6. jskahn

    Hamburg Pa Show

    Is anybody from AZ going to the Show on June 13th? I am trying to get a couple of small lizards picked up from an exhibitor there. If you can, I would be glad to pay for delivery.
  7. jskahn

    Another Caramel clutch

    Today I dug up my Caramel's laying area, and unexpectedly found 8 eggs. Unfortunately, I busted the first one. There were 7 more. Like the 10 from the other female, they were a little small, but it is the first clutches from both young females. I do not have high hopes on fertility, being it is...
  8. jskahn

    Does anybody know how to get in touch with Jeff G?

    I am interested in getting a couple of Blue Tongues. I have dealt with Jeff years ago, but I don't know how to get in touch with him.
  9. jskahn

    Update on Caramel test holes

    Today one of my Caramels laid her first clutch, She is 7", and laid 10 eggs.
  10. jskahn

    Anybody good at sexing Blue Tongues?

    I just picked up this beauty today, and would love to breed it. I have bred them in the past, but I am not sure of it's sex.I don't have any others available to compare it to.
  11. jskahn

    Nest dug and filled in, but no eggs

    One of my female Caramel Redears, dug a nest, and filled it in, then smoothed it out. There were no eggs in it. I have seen test holes many times, but never noticed them filled in, and smoothed out. Is this something normal that I never noticed before?
  12. jskahn

    Last Nights Star clutch

    The clutch of seven was laid last night. For some reason, my Sari Lankins are laying early this season.
  13. jskahn

    My Caramel Group

    While cleaning out my Caramel's enclosure, I finally took pix.#1 is my smallest female, #2 is a really good looking het female, #3 is my females, and #4 is both my males
  14. jskahn

    My new adopted daughter

    I just adopted this girl. She has been raised all alone for 20+ years and is very tame.
  15. jskahn

    Which hay is best?

    Some keepers feel Timothy hay is the best for tortoises, others recommend Alfalfa hay. What do you believe? I am not sure which is more beneficial.
  16. jskahn

    What subspecies?

    I just acquired this boy today. Does anyone know what subspecies he is for sure?
  17. jskahn

    Eight good looking hatchlings

    So far these 8 have hatched, maybe a couple of more will.
  18. jskahn

    New Pair of Redfoots

    I just received this good looking, healthy pair, from Berkeley Boone. I am very pleased with them.
  19. jskahn

    First two Leopard hatchlings from the first time clutch by a new mom

    These are the first two hatched at 94 and 95 days. I can't wait to see the rest.
  20. jskahn

    Sri Lankin laying 3/14?

    Two years ago, my Stars laid in the fall, just before dark.Last year I didn't see any laying, and so far no hatchlings. This morning a female laid 5 eggs. Has anybody had that much of a season, and time of day, change?