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    Rehoming 5 Leopard Tortoises

    It is with a heavy heart I have to put my Leopard Tortoise colony up for sale. I used to be very active on this forum but life got very busy. My dog needs surgery and my house need repairs and although I love my tortoises dearly I need to sell them and hope they find a home that will have more...
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    Isopod Mother Drowned

    Sadly, I walked into the room to soak my leopard tortoises and found a tragedy. In one of their water bowls, there was a drowned isopod. Not just an isopod, but a bunch of white specs in the water and a few on the belly of the isopod. Upon, closer examination, the white specs were actually just...
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    My Russian Gal!

    Hello Forum! I come back to introduce a new tort! Originally, I had a long post introducing my leopard tortoise trio (Bobcat, Jaguar, and Cougar). Since then, I've added a brand new Russian to the family! Don't worry, she is not being housed with the leopard's, she's two big and never cohab...
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    Turtle Emoji Really a Tortoise?

    Anyone ever notice the turtle emoji on imessage is really just a green Galapagos tortoise?
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    My New Tortoise Trio!

    I was never able to own a pet as a child. My entire life, I wanted a dog or some kind of interactive pet. When I was in elementary school, walking down the street with my mother, we stumbled across a turtle strolling down the block. We took the turtle in and I was able to keep the lil turt for a...
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    Tortoise Supply Review - Excellent Leopard Tortoise and Excellent Customer Service

    I recently purchased a leopard tortoise trio from tortoise supply. Wow, am I amazed. Not only did I receive great tortoises but my order was also accommodated for everything I needed. I also received nothing but the best customer service. I have nothing bad to say about tortoise supply and going...