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  1. Reptilian Feline

    Things have changed, need some advice on making new enclosure

    Last night my African sideneck turtle passed away. He'd been losing energy for a few days... a week... and I knew his time had come. Today I buried him in the garden under a small rock. His tank was back to back with Embers' tank. Embers is my happy growing red foot. She needs more space, and...
  2. Reptilian Feline

    Update on TankGirl and Embers

    I know I haven't been here for ages, but life happens, and when there is nothing new, then, well, you tend to forget to post anything. Anyway... TankGirl was just misserable. She turned the water dish over time and time again, so I removed it. If I hadn't, she would have smashed the tank into...
  3. Reptilian Feline

    Leopard tortoise eating cat poop in the wild

    A FB friend of mine lives in South Africa, and found a young leopard tortoise in the yard eating cat poop, and wondered why. I guess that if you have an iffy eater... find some cat poop and offer that? Just a thought.
  4. Reptilian Feline

    Changed behaviour - need I worry?

    TankGirl is growing. She used to love to beg for the wet dog kibble and devour the crispy snacks fibre and would turn her nose up to dandelion and other fresh greens. She would happily sleep in her waterdish. Now... she doesn't like the dog kibble and hardly touches the crispy snacks fibre. She...
  5. Reptilian Feline

    TankGirl and Embers explored the garden

    The weather has been warm and sunny, almost like summer even if it's just late spring. I decided that it was warm enough in the sun for TankGilr and Embers to be allowed outside so they could soak up some sun and have some grass to graze on. Well... it didn't turn out the way I had expected...
  6. Reptilian Feline

    Tank Girl has outgrown the kitchen scale!

    I decided to weigh Tank Girl and Embers again... last time was in January, and it's April now. Embers had gained about 100 gram, and considering the little tort is kind of picky about its food, I'm just happy there is a weight gain. As for Tank Girl, she was a bit over 2 kg last time, in...
  7. Reptilian Feline

    Thermostat - what am I doing wrong?

    I have a thermostat, a habistat dimming one, with night eye, and two 75W CHEs plugged into it. It has a light that tells if it's heating, a light that tells that it's in night mode, and a light to show that it's on. So far it's almost always heating, and even if I've put the dial to 84F and the...
  8. Reptilian Feline

    Embers is having a snack!

    Embers is sitting on my lap after his soak, munching on a banana. It's a new years treat for sure!
  9. Reptilian Feline

    Scratching feels soooooo goooood

    The first time I noticed it, Tank Girl was leaving the hide and rubbed the left back side of her shell a couple of times against the side of the opening. I thought it looked funny, but didn't think that much about, except that maybe she wanted to move the hide. Then a few days ago, on her...
  10. Reptilian Feline

    Early signs of an RI? Can things be fixed?

    Embers isn't doing so well any more, but I think I caught it in time. His head was tilting to one side a few weeks ago and that scared me. Up until then he had been fine, eating and pooping and sharing a home with Tank Girl. Tank Girl was a bit reserved so Embers could be active and get to the...
  11. Reptilian Feline

    Update on Tank Girl and Embers

    I thought I'd tell you all about how my (our) two redfoots are doing. Tank Girl (the larger one) has gained about 300 gram and Embers (the smaller one) has gained abpout 70 gram since I bought them home in August. Autumn is bringing the new weed growth to a stop so most of their food comes out...
  12. Reptilian Feline

    How do I keep the hide warm enough?

    In the indoor enclosure, I made a hide out of a 20 litre plastic bucket. The kind used for mixing cement. It feels a bit too cool inside it. How do I make it warmer? I can't place a CHE inside.
  13. Reptilian Feline

    Tank Girl vocalizing?

    Tank Girl, our big RF, surpriced me today when I rinsed her off for a rare treat - getting out in the garden in the sunlight. When I held her she made a buzzing "sound". It wasn't a sound I could hear really, I just felt it. She made it twice, and then again after her rinse, and at that point I...
  14. Reptilian Feline

    HELP identify tortoise specie, please

    My neighbour got this from another of my neighbours. It was in bad condition... my neighbour said it felt slippery and there was lots of dry skin all over and the claws were really long and one of the back legs didn't work. When a piece of the beak fell of she took it to the vet to cut it down...
  15. Reptilian Feline

    Upending the water dish

    Tank Girl is a bulldozer. She decided she wanted to hide under the water dish instead of her normal hide. Good thing there wasn't much water in it. I thought I'd do something about it, so I cleaned the water dish, put it back and placed a heavy flat rock in it... it's a large square water dish...
  16. Reptilian Feline

    My redfoots are home and settling in

    I brought my two redfoots home from the shop yesterday. I put them in cloth bags, in a cooler, with a hot water bottle. They didn't like it. Both went to the toilet in there, so they started with a bath. The little one pooped again, but the big one was done. I know that rehoused/rehomed torts...
  17. Reptilian Feline

    How do I prevent shell rot?

    With Medusa living in water, I once worried he might get shell rot, but that doesn't seem to happen. With the leopard torts, the high humidity wasn't supposed to be a problem, because from what I read, they never got shell rot. With redfoots, shell rot comes up often, as something to look out...
  18. Reptilian Feline

    Setting up for redfoots - getting it right?

    I made a deal with the herp shop - I can bring home the redfoots before they'vre been paid in full. Being friends with the owner helps a lot. I can take them home as soon as I have their housing set up. They come from a good breeder in Hungary, but the paperwork on them (there was a large...
  19. Reptilian Feline

    How do I know what type of redfoot or yellowfoot this is?

    I thought redfoots had red patterns on their legs, and that yellowfoots have yellow markings, but there is something else as well... the top of their heads, from what I understand. Yellowfoots have two scales on top of their noses, and redfoots just one. Is it possible to know what kind this is...
  20. Reptilian Feline

    Getting redfoots instead of a new leo - advice and thoughts please

    After the heartbreaking loss of two leo torts from a %&#?* breeder who won't own up to his part of the problem, I decided to put the whole thing on hold. No new leo unless I meet one I like and is big enough to be OK no matter what. Our local herp shop had a delivery of a large amount of...