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  1. SGT Fish

    Space available for tortoises that need a good home. central ohio

    Just putting it out there that I have adequate space to take in any tortoises or box turtles that are in need of a good home. I also have room to keep building enclosures. I currently have a 10-12yr old sulcata, a box turtle, and a male Russian tortoise, and even a yellow belly turtle, all...
  2. SGT Fish

    anyone have a pond in their enclosure?

    since I moved to my new place, I can finally build a totally permanent enclosure for my 40-60lb sulcata Frank. Right now I have a concrete mixing tub that I buried and fill with water for him to drink/soak it, though I haven't seen him go all the way in yet, he isn't as big a fan of soaking as...
  3. SGT Fish

    saw the most pyramided desert torts ive ever seen

    stopped by the reptile rescue near cleveland sunday, its called Herps Alive and is a really cool place. overcrowded with water turtles but its hard for them to adopt them out, especially native species. They have a tortoise room with two large sulcatas and a huge iguana living together. the...
  4. SGT Fish

    tortoise training, update

    well my sulcata has been living in my kitchen since the weather turned south. in the summer he would only be brought in for the night and put out in the morning if i felt like moving him. but he did sleep outside a lot. when i got him i asked about litter box training a tortoise and someone said...
  5. SGT Fish

    any central ohio tortoise keepers need mazuri?

    I just ordered 25lbs of the Mazuri Tortoise Diet to supplement my guy's diet. I will not use 25lbs, so if you need any, let me know and you can pick some up. Its about 2 bucks a pound after I paid shipping and tax. Just figured I would pass along the savings and help some people out. Let me...
  6. SGT Fish

    an anyone ID these from this ad just came across this ad. i know one looks like a typical testudo species but im not sure about the others. i may just go grab them from the guy to get them proper homes but id like to know what they are
  7. SGT Fish

    sulcata weirdly pees while eating iceberg lettuce

    i got home from being away for a couple days and had a head of iceberg lettuce left over in the fridge. I normally dont feed him iceberg lettuce but i figured at the worst it will hydrate him and fill his belly til i got some other foods for him in the morning. as soon as he started eating it he...
  8. SGT Fish

    how to know when females are ready to mate?

    i was wondering how you know a female is ready to mate if it is not kept with a male. Do they start laying infertile eggs here and there? do you wait until they start digging nests? or do you just assume they are mature enough at a certain age/size and introduce them to a male then? Im just...
  9. SGT Fish

    ever get asked if your tortoise is real?

    everytime I take Frank (12" sulcata) somewhere, there is always somebody to loudly state, "OMG is that thing real?" or "thats not real, is it?" last time was on monday when i was at a pet store local to me with a 21yr old, male sulcata. I knelt down and was petting his head/neck by the door...
  10. SGT Fish

    Update on Frank, my Sulcata Rescue

    Just thought I'd let you all know that Frank is doing very well. When I got him he was very active and hungry but the last owner's stories of being kept in a 12x48 aquarium and only being fed salad leftovers really saddened me. He has a lot of pyramiding but his new growth lines are flat! He hsa...
  11. SGT Fish

    check it out. temperature contoller/thermostat for cheap

    I just ordered two of these temperature controllers to try out for my animals. One will be used for the heated/insulated night box I am designing for my 12 inch sulcata. they take a little bit of wiring knowhow but there are a...
  12. SGT Fish

    Pumpkin season is starting

    I went on a field trip with my little girl yesterday and she brought home a pumpkin. She carved it into a jack o lantern and then gave it to Frank. When I asked why she said "because he never had one before." Frank thinks it's delicious...
  13. SGT Fish

    Growing opuntia cactus

    So I had ordered a couple large pads from and they were nice, but all the opuntia/prickly pear pads seem pretty pricey to feed to them all the time. I wanted something more sustainable. I was in Florida last week and figured it'd be a good time to get a plant. After passing...
  14. SGT Fish

    Two headed sulcata Just saw this link. May be a repost but I hope you enjoy this as much as j did
  15. SGT Fish

    Building a tortoise cave/box

    so ive been making these little caves/basking spots for my other reptiles and im about to start on a large one for Frank the tank, my 8yr old rescue sulcata. he is only about 11 inches right now so this should last him at least through the winter. I will post pictures as I go. basically, you...
  16. SGT Fish

    Do yellow bellies hibernate?

    I know that painted turtles freeze all the way through and then thaw out in springtime, we have them all over our pond. But what about yellow bellied sliders? I have a large female in an aquarium and was curious if they withstand winter the same way, she has never been in a pond. And no I'm...
  17. SGT Fish

    Water bed heater?

    Has anyone used a water bed heater to use under their enclosures substrate? I see them for cheap and they come with a thermostat. Just wondering if anyone has used one or if there are any downsides
  18. SGT Fish

    thank you in advance

    hello, let me forst of all say thank you for all the information you fine people put out. i am new to tortoises but have quite a collection of reptiles. I read a lot on her before ordering my hatchling sulcata from tortoise supply. But I finally created an account because I just got a second...