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    What to feed a sulcata?

    Take a look at Toms post here! They’re too young for the hay, and pellets will need to be soaked until soft.
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    Can anyone identify this Plant.

    It looks like a variety of wild geranium to me which my sulcata seems to enjoy, picture this app agrees geranium sp.!
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    what's going on?

    Even animals that don’t absolutely need to bask often enjoy doing so!
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    Dog Food

    My dads redfoot would attempt to get in the house purely to b line to the dog food. Occasionally it’s fine, personally I’d try to vary the protein source and not just use one thing. Portion size depends on the size of the tortoise. Definitely soak it first so it’s nice and soft.
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    Skin peeling in my soft shell

    Step one is a good vet visit because that is not normal shedding, and the gooey looking tissue around it makes me suspect an infection. Make sure it is one well versed in chelonians and if they suggest a vitamin shot as the only method of “treatment” just find a new vet. Until then keep his...
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    (EMERGENCY!!!) Ivermectin Toxicity now!

    Awesome! I’ve been thinking of him I’m so glad!
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    Daily food amount

    OH I saw spur thigh and am so used to sullys being called that as well I read “med spur thigh” and thought okay a medium sulcata. She’s beautiful! I definitely agree with everyone here just feed what they’ll eat in a day of good foods.
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    (EMERGENCY!!!) Ivermectin Toxicity now!

    Found something from the wsava and suggested treatment includes oral activated charcoal and fluids.
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    Daily food amount

    Is it not a sulcata? I could have sworn OP said it was my bad
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    Daily food amount

    She looks large enough to be getting hay as well. Can’t really overfeed good foods to a tortoise tbh
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    (EMERGENCY!!!) Ivermectin Toxicity now!

    Read the study Zissou posted and if he is conscious and able to move today I’m inclined to think he should pull through.
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    (EMERGENCY!!!) Ivermectin Toxicity now!

    Best wishes, Im afraid I don’t have anything helpful to say other then I’ll be thinking of them.
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    Help! Inherited a Sulcata. Small for age and hasn't eaten

    That piece of advice comes from Tom and Yvonne, they’ve seen torts drown in them I believe. I’ve never used them because of their advice. So glad to hear they’re doing a bit better OP, sullys are amazingly hardy. Best wishes for Bowsette!
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    Help! Inherited a Sulcata. Small for age and hasn't eaten

    Heads up that ramp bowl is a death trap for even healthy animals, get him a terracotta dish from the hardware store instead. Best of luck, good on you for taking in this poor tortoise. I wish legal action could be taken against the previous owner.
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    Tortoise and the dawg

    My dad thought the same until his dog who had peacefully coexisted for 5+ years decided the hermanns would be a fun chew toy. Thankfully the tortoise survived but he’s got permanent damage from it. Doesn’t matter how friendly/trained the dog is, it’s still a dog.
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    Best Hermann’s diet

    Best care sheet for Herman’s including diet
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    Live Forever Sedum

    Do you know what specific species the plant is? Common names are super inaccurate and I’m getting a mix of things called sedum some of which are safe some are not
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    I’m curious, why breed RES when there’s such an excess in the pet trade as is? Regardless, best of luck with these! RES hatchlings are probably some of the cutest hatchlings.
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    Abandoned slider in residential area… Shell Rot?

    That’s great that he’s settled in! Just a heads since someone mentioned feeding them goldfish, goldfish are terrible nutritionally and are very high in thiaminase which can be dangerous if consumed in excess.
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    Picture this is giving me the id verbesina encelioides aka golden crownbeard does this look right to you? Unfortunately it doesn’t come up on tortoise table so I don’t know about it’s safety.