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  1. Reptilian Feline

    Things have changed, need some advice on making new enclosure

    Last night my African sideneck turtle passed away. He'd been losing energy for a few days... a week... and I knew his time had come. Today I buried him in the garden under a small rock. His tank was back to back with Embers' tank. Embers is my happy growing red foot. She needs more space, and...
  2. Reptilian Feline

    Update on TankGirl and Embers

    I know I haven't been here for ages, but life happens, and when there is nothing new, then, well, you tend to forget to post anything. Anyway... TankGirl was just misserable. She turned the water dish over time and time again, so I removed it. If I hadn't, she would have smashed the tank into...
  3. Reptilian Feline

    Leopard tortoise eating cat poop in the wild

    A FB friend of mine lives in South Africa, and found a young leopard tortoise in the yard eating cat poop, and wondered why. I guess that if you have an iffy eater... find some cat poop and offer that? Just a thought.
  4. Reptilian Feline

    Changed behaviour - need I worry?

    If TankGirl could have her way, the entire bottom floor would be hers :) I'm glad it's nothing to really worry about. I will continue to take her out, give her a bath and let her eat what she likes ;)
  5. Reptilian Feline

    Changed behaviour - need I worry?

    TankGirl is growing. She used to love to beg for the wet dog kibble and devour the crispy snacks fibre and would turn her nose up to dandelion and other fresh greens. She would happily sleep in her waterdish. Now... she doesn't like the dog kibble and hardly touches the crispy snacks fibre. She...
  6. Reptilian Feline

    Basking Red Foot?

    My redfoots will hide away from the sun when I take them outside. Inside they never sleep directly under their CHE's.
  7. Reptilian Feline

    Help! (chewed RF not eating)

    New place, meds, new routines, new people and new food. Water and medicines for now, I think, and then when he gets used to all the new stuff you can give him things to try. One thing he might be used to, considering his injury, is dog kibble. Get a small low price sample, put it in water til...
  8. Reptilian Feline

    TankGirl and Embers explored the garden

    The weather has been warm and sunny, almost like summer even if it's just late spring. I decided that it was warm enough in the sun for TankGilr and Embers to be allowed outside so they could soak up some sun and have some grass to graze on. Well... it didn't turn out the way I had expected...
  9. Reptilian Feline

    Rude Red Foot or Normal Behavior?

    Tank Girl is a bit defensive about her head. She will quickly pull it inside, expelling air, but now that she is used to us, her head will come back out as quickly as it went inside, when she notice who it is. She reaches for her treats, sometimes even waving a front leg (started with her trying...
  10. Reptilian Feline

    Tank Girl has outgrown the kitchen scale!

    I decided to weigh Tank Girl and Embers again... last time was in January, and it's April now. Embers had gained about 100 gram, and considering the little tort is kind of picky about its food, I'm just happy there is a weight gain. As for Tank Girl, she was a bit over 2 kg last time, in...
  11. Reptilian Feline

    Third tortoise to be....

    Leopards are mostly weed eaters, should have very very very little protein or fruit, and if they haven't been raised proerly, they might die without your fault. Been there myself. I now have two wonderful redfoots and they are so much easier to feed in the winter when fresh weeds are just gone...
  12. Reptilian Feline

    Bathing question

    I think you need to play seductive music so it will derobe on its own :)
  13. Reptilian Feline

    Turtle vs. Tortoise tortoise (n.) 1550s, altered (perhaps by influence of porpoise) from Middle English tortuse (late 15c.), tortuce(mid-15c.), tortuge (late 14c.), from Medieval Latin tortuca (mid-13c.), perhaps from Late Latin tartaruchus "of the underworld" (see...
  14. Reptilian Feline

    Turtle vs. Tortoise

    Actually, in Swedish, all kinds, turtles, tortoises, terrapins... etc. are called one thing... "sköldpadda". You differentiate between them by adding land-, water-, sea-, in front. "sköld" = shield, "padda" = toad.
  15. Reptilian Feline

    First Clutch Ever infertile and mishapped

    I've read that some females (both torts and turtles) might lay eggs without being with a male. Since they aren't fertile, I assume it's possible that they are misshapen because of that. If she had been with a male, the eggs might have been normal? Just a theory.
  16. Reptilian Feline

    Isopods for torts

    How to breed isopods and millipedes: Get a plastic container with a lid, and make a few holes in the lid with a soldering iron. The holes should be small and not too many. It's easier to add more holes later if needed. Go out and find a small forrest or park where you can pick decomposing...
  17. Reptilian Feline

    Tortoise Death Advice

    I feel for you! Don't give up! Follow Tom's advice!
  18. Reptilian Feline

    Turtle vs. Tortoise

    That's a good one!
  19. Reptilian Feline

    Isopods for torts

    I keep woodlice in my tort enclosures... and my frog enclosures... and with some of my scorpions... they keep things clean. I feed my frogs and toads (the smaller ones) with tropical woodlice or cuban woodlice. When you breed your own, they are harmless as food, but wild caught might contain...
  20. Reptilian Feline

    Rant about the design of a tortoise

    The design is flawed, but most designs are one way or the other. That's why there are so many many designs! Babies are always vulnerable, and that's why torts have so many... every year or so... at least a few will make it to adulthood.