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  1. Jenna kamenski

    Help with fire ants!!!

    ok not sure if this helps or not but I’m in South Carolina - I have almost 2 acres and I have noticed fire ant piles all over my front and back yard! What has everyone done that has been successful that is gonna be safe for my leopard?? I’ve never had to battle these little things and I...
  2. Jenna kamenski

    Can my SA leopard eat this??

    i have these things all over the yard - what are they and can he eat them??
  3. Jenna kamenski

    So far does torque look like a male or female??

    ok so before I get into this torque isn’t even 1 yet, he/she turns 1 January 1st... I know it’s probably way too early to tell and know things could change later on - thought this would be cool and fun and maybe one day it could help someone :) Do you think torque is a male or female? Why? I...
  4. Jenna kamenski

    Can leopards eat green bell pepper leaves?

    I know you shouldn’t feed them peppers that often but can leopards [or any tortoise] eat the leaves the peppers grow?? I will also post a picture l
  5. Jenna kamenski

    Anyone have a clue what these plants are??

    So first thing - I have absolutely no idea about plants, so bear with me! I might be asking a lot about them in the future lol but for now.... I remember seeing a plant section a couple months back but I’m struggling with trying to find it so I’m posting this thread here! - still learning where...
  6. Jenna kamenski

    Video of torque eating in mid air! - SA leopard

    Here is torque eating in mid air!! Enjoy :):tort: This shows and proves with little patience how personable and friendly leopards are...torque took eating from my hand right away! Please let me know if everyone can see this! Still learning how to use this site! @Tom thank you so much once...
  7. Jenna kamenski

    Meet torque - SA leopard

    hello everyone! Some of you may remember me posting about my hatchling sulcata, trooper, when he was sick, the little one didn’t make it unfortunately and we were devastated I knew from reading different forums on here I had to get a baby from Tom. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed and knew I...
  8. Jenna kamenski

    Trooper update - vet scheduled for today! Medicine questions

    Trooper now has an appt today at 4:30! Everyone please send good vibes to him! Other then not letting the vet give the vitamin shots, anything else I should be weary about or concerned about?? I've never taken a tortoise to a vet before so I'm not really sure what to expect or be weary of...
  9. Jenna kamenski

    Sick baby sulcata - time for vet

    trooper is still sick...not eating and only moving around a little bit He becomes a bit more active after I give him warm soaks...from reading on here I've done warm water with carrot baby food...since he's not eating is this a decent way for him to get some type of nutrients?? Is there...
  10. Jenna kamenski

    Sick baby sulcata?? Please help!!

    Hi all This is jenna and I believe my baby sulcata might be sick...I'm hoping I can get some help, especially since there isn't any reptile vets available in my area...I live in Greenville sc...I've been reading on these threads ever since we got trooper and I knew this was the place to go...