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  1. dzzxmm1919

    Redfoot weird white mucous stool

    Hello tortoise lovers! I just found my 2 yr old redfoot pooped weird white-yellow mucous thingy on his substrate. Here is the photo of it- He refuse to eat for a month, so I syringe feed him every day of 0.5ml critical care. I also soak him every day to keep him hydrated. I use CHE and MVB...
  2. dzzxmm1919

    2yr old Redfoot not eating for more than 10 days Please help!

    Hello tortoise lovers. Here is another thread about my redfoot tortoise: he has been not eating anything for more than 10 days, meanwhile, no poop at all. Here are some photos of his enclosure down below: We built this new enclosure on April 2 because his old enclosure might be contaminate by...
  3. dzzxmm1919

    3yr old leopard tortoise severe intestinal gas/constipation. Please help!

    Hello tortoise lovers. This is my first post about my 3 years old leopard tortoise, Strong. My husband has already posted her basic information on another thread: We took her to a vet immediately when...