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  1. Heather B

    super thick, hard eggs.

    Hello, I have owned a pair of Redfoot torts for over ten years. I am unsure of the sex of them, however, as least one of them must be female. Over the past two years I have found a number of eggs in their enclosures (outdoor in summer, indoor in winter as we live in northern Ohio). We tried...
  2. Heather B

    Spring photos!

    My two adult redfoots are enjoying their brief, supervised outing on a beautiful Spring day. Let's see what yours are up to!
  3. Heather B

    Soaking fun

    My two adult Redfoots ( Tortellini and Peanut) are enjoying their warm soak on a steamy Summer afternoon. They'll be heading back to the garden enclosure as soon as they seem "done" .
  4. Heather B

    New materials added to outdoor hide

    Today I trimmed my pine trees and gave the bows to my torts as an additional bit of hide material. They love it. Two Red Foots are hiding / resting in there! This bare area is covered in garden vegetables growing most of the summer.
  5. Heather B

    Help, found tort eggs

    Hello everyone, I have a near emergency/ miracle today. As I was checking on my two red foots to feed and water them today, I found two eggs. We had believed both to be male, so no eggs were ever expected! One was out in the open and the other was in the heated hide. I have no idea what to...
  6. Heather B

    Seeing a difference?

    Hi all. Thanks to this forum, I have recently ( in the last two months) made some habitat and diet changes with my two RF's. I increased humidity and heat along with offering more Mazuri in their diet. Both have some pyramiding. How long before I notice improvement in shell? Mostly to let me...
  7. Heather B

    Lime on shells.

    My two RF torts have dull dusty shells but I am sure it has to do with the very high concentrate of limestone from our well water. I spray them daily (multiple times) and they only look good when wet. What do you suggest to spruce them up? Does a shell need conditioned? Have some pyramidding on...
  8. Heather B

    New member!

    Hello everyone. My name is Heather. I am a home schooling Midwest farmer's wife. We have several children and even more animals. Two of my favorite pets are the redfoots. They spend half the year indoors in our home -made tort table and the other in our fenced in garden. Sure am looking forward...