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    Baby tort set up help

    I have a baby Ibera Greek tort and I’m building a tote set up for him. I am having trouble with temps and set up of everything. I was wondering what thermostats are the best and what lights everyone is using. I want to make a big order of new stuff and want to do the best I can. what temps are...
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    Plastic tote baby Greek set up help

    I have this tote I’m gonna make in to my little baby Ibera greeks home I’m looking for help and advice on how to set it up. I’m looking for the best heat sources and uvb set up for it and I’m looking for help on everything else to so I can give them the best in every way I can and if anyone has...
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    Seed staring

    What dirt are people using to grow there plants for there torts. In there cages I have coco coir but I have read the you have to be careful what you grow your seeds in and do any of you use any kinda organic fertilizers? Any help would be great thank you
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    Baby Ibera Greek help

    Hey everyone I have 2 baby Ibera Greek torts and I wanna make the best set I can for them I was hoping for ideas and help. I can build something or buy whatever you guys thinks best for the time being until they are bigger or I can make a table right away. What should we run the humidity at for...
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    Baby tort set up

    Hey everyone I’m am new here I have 2 baby Iberia Greek torts I want to give them the best set up I can from lights to everything I was wondering what the best set up is for them I can build something or buy something and I have done a lot of reading on temps and humidity but what do you guys...