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  1. Seiryu

    Wanted - Sub-adult/Adult Male P. Babcocki Leopard tortoise

    Looking for a Sub-adult to Adult Male Leopard tortoise. P. Babcocki - you can message here or email me at - [email protected] - (underscore between e and 7 ; e_7)
  2. Seiryu

    Thor wheezing some, URI?

    Hi all, haven't had much time to be on the forums much in a long time! So Thor is about 3.5 years old now. For the past month or so, he is either wheezing or breathing heavily. It's not constant, but enough. I was thinking URI, but I see no discharge in his nose (it's actually quite clear...
  3. Seiryu

    My Little Sif - Not so little anymore!

    Hi all. Haven't posted in many, many months. Things have been pretty busy here. Just wanted to post some pics of my little Sif. She's about 14 months old now. I got her when she was 4-5 months old. First day, getting a soak after being shipped. Also first day checking out her...
  4. Seiryu

    Michigan Reptile shows - Your experiences?

    Has anyone been to any of the Michigan reptile shows? Talking about the Kalamazoo and Taylor ones specifically. Or any others that I haven't heard of. I have honestly never been to a reptile show here and was wondering peoples experiences at these. Were they small? Did they have a wide...
  5. Seiryu

    Yucca Palm safe?

    I have 2 small Yucca Palms that are in pots currently. They are about 1.5 ft tall I'd say This summer I'll be doing a pretty big project where I'll have a planted indoor enclosure. But it would be nice to plant these in there, for looks and to get them out of the pots so my cats won't dig...
  6. Seiryu

    What causes this?

    Was just kind of browsing and came across this tortoise. His shell is definitely deformed. But is it MBD? None of the scutes seem to be sunken in like most cases of MBD. But the scutes are not lined up at all. Of course he is heavily pyramided. I just haven't seen many tortoises with such...
  7. Seiryu

    Saber being a goof

    Love when he does this. Hops to his favorite cat tree and... He lays on his back and then starts kicking his back feet on the carpet above him. Taking a breather! Awkward position And Max getting in on the action lol. Saber stopped there and started pawing at him. He...
  8. Seiryu

    My Experiences with Spraying Shells VS Not

    This is just my experience. Not something to debate. This is just what I have personally seen. Long read sorry! So as most of you know now. Spraying a tortoises shell plays a vital role in whether or not it stays smoother or not (at least with our captive bred babies). When I first...
  9. Seiryu

    New Solar Raptor/MegaRay

    Anyone gotten any of these new Solar Raptor MVB from MegaRay? Are these the same bulbs that a lot had burn out within days of getting? Or are these the "final" product that is supposed to be good again?
  10. Seiryu

    Anyone seen Cory?

    I haven't been able to get on much. But I seemed to have misplaced the Mazuri I was going to freeze :(. And he's the only one I know that has it regularly. I see he hasn't been on in over a week. Just wasn't sure if he got deployed again or if he'll be back soon, thanks!
  11. Seiryu

    New bearded dragon

    Well, I recently got a bearded dragon. I had one when I was a kid, and he lived to be about 8 years old I think. I always wanted to get another and finally I did! I do have a question though. Right now, his basking spot is at 100-110 F (it's usually around 105 F, but temps fluctuate...
  12. Seiryu

    cactus growing OK?

    So I have an opuntia cactus plant growing right now. I can't remember how long I have had it, but at least 3-4 months. Does the growth look normal for a cactus? I mean when do the pads start to broaden out? Was hoping to feed some of it to them eventually, but doesn't look like any time...
  13. Seiryu

    Updated Indoor Enclosure

    Well, I finally found some pure cypress mulch and changed out the coco coir I had been using. It's cheaper and the tortoises don't drag the stuff everywhere like the coco coir did. So far they don't have any objections to the change. Pic heavy, sorry! Here's Sif (7 month old Leo)...
  14. Seiryu

    Cypress Mulch Dilemma

    So I REALLY want to try out Cypress mulch. I have been using coconut coir substrate for over a year now and I like it, except that it sticks to them constantly. However here's the problem. I'm in Michigan (metro detroit area, SE, MI). And after visiting 4 home depots and 4 lowes, on top...
  15. Seiryu

    Getting worse again?

    Today I can hardly even use the site. Very slow page loads (30+seconds) and half the time they come up with the error page. Anyone else getting this today? All other websites are instant except this one =/
  16. Seiryu

    Your Cypress Mulch Experience?

    I am currently using a coconut coir and play sand mixture for my substrate. I like it, except for the fact that since I keep it moist, it sticks to the tortoises, and then gets all over the food. Not really a big, big deal but I am sure the torts don't like the taste anyways :P. So...
  17. Seiryu

    Hatchlings and Pinworms

    So past couple of days (like Wednesday til now) Sif hadn't been eating much. She ate some, but not as much as normal. So then yesterday she pooped and it looked a little more mooshy than usual (usually it's very firm). I took a sample and I could literally see some of the clear white...
  18. Seiryu

    Thor and Sif finally meet :P

    So it's been close to 2 months since I've had Sif and I finally introduces them the other day. They've been vet checked with a fecal and nothing was found, so it was time for them to share the 4x6 indoor enclosure. Here she is 2 months after I received her. Roughly 5-5.5 months old...
  19. Seiryu

    Turtle doing his thing

    So a friend of mine showed me this video, it's pretty amazing.
  20. Seiryu

    Sif's first outside time with me!

    For now, until she can "move in" with Thor I built her a temporary outdoor enclosure. 4x4 ft and can collapse on itself for easy moving. I wasn't worried about a lid because she won't be going outside by herself for a LONG time. Although I am building one, in case of a emergency and I can't...