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  1. Alaskamike

    Growth of Turbo, February 2017 Aldabra Giant Tortoise.

    Turbo looks great! I found that hand feeding a few times a week brought mine outta’ her shell - so to speak. Certainly made her take notice when I came to her & now she will come to me looking for a handout. Her favorite is hibiscus flowers. I think the bright colors attract.
  2. Alaskamike

    Aldabra tortoise - false information?

    I’d rather you wouldn’t. Scam artist use other ppls pics to falsely advertise. Don’t want to give them ammo to defraud someone else.
  3. Alaskamike

    Aldabra tortoise - false information?

    This is my Cucpcake at 4 yo. And she is on the smaller side at 25 lbs for her age
  4. Alaskamike

    Aldabra tortoise - false information?

    You can’t be sure from that photo this is an Aldabra.
  5. Alaskamike

    Aldabra tortoise - false information?

    There are no other pics? I can’t imagine a 9 yo Aldabra being that small. Certainly even if it was 50-60lbs it would not be considered “ full grown “ at 9. The only way to know what’s going on here is to visually inspect the tortoise in person. A few things about this ad don’t add up.
  6. Alaskamike

    Recommended Age/Weight/Size at the time of purchasing an Aldabra

    Absolutely not. Any seller that told me that would NOT get my business. Mortality rates in the wild are high -yes. But in captivity they should be very low, we adjust for food, temps, hydration, humidity , and predation.
  7. Alaskamike

    Guys need to confirm treatments of white dots on shell

    I also use Lamisol cream. Works in one day
  8. Alaskamike

    Is this good for Sulcata tortoise

    I fertilize mine with tortoise poo
  9. Alaskamike

    Recommended Age/Weight/Size at the time of purchasing an Aldabra

    You ask a very difficult question to answer. If it were me, I think I’d take a chance on the young one because at least you will be in control of care in that formative first year. If I could, I’d get 2 young ones , raise them for 3-5 yrs & sell one to more than pay for my other one. Wish I’d...
  10. Alaskamike

    Recommended Age/Weight/Size at the time of purchasing an Aldabra

    This question gets asked allot. Not just with Aldabra, but others as well. Though I’ve had a reasonable amount of experience with torts, I opted to purchase a 6 mo old Aldabra myself for several reasons , not the least of which is the certainty that she was well started. I also got mine from...
  11. Alaskamike

    Is this a healthy Aldabra?

    Healthy by visual inspection is only one aspect. And pictures are even harder to asses. Are you able to see this one in person first? How they walk - look for back legs especially , in an H form directly under body. Eyes - are they clear & open? Nose - clear with no runny discharge...
  12. Alaskamike


    CupCake a bit over 30lbs now. Very friendly & follows me around the yard ( for a treat I suppose ). About every 6 weeks or so I get a squash & microwave it. CupCake luvs her some squash :). About every 2 weeks she gets a pile of greens with calcium powder on it. Most of the time she just...
  13. Alaskamike


    Hibiscus day.
  14. Alaskamike


    I am certainly not an authority. But when I decided to get an Aldabra, my preparation involved reading allot about their history, current wild populations, breeding programs as well as availability and care. In that process this is in general what I understand. - At one time there were...
  15. Alaskamike

    Random questions about Aldabras

    An Aldabra could be raised anywhere , it depends on how much space, $, and effort you are willing to put into it. Keep in mind the basics Heat Humidity Light , including UV Exercise room Food / nutrition needs. As they grow these change. A big one would be kinda like keeping a horse in...
  16. Alaskamike


    Eating a treat of red bell pepper today. Her shell still looks like a bowling ball.
  17. Alaskamike


    Awww. Thank you Yvonne. I’ll try & visit more often
  18. Alaskamike


    Well , we are coming into our summer now & my torts are loving it. Got CupCake a pile of Cactus pads today. One of her favorite foods. Took a weight - 27lbs now. Still kinda a slow grower compared to some , but healthy and strong so that’s all that matters. She turned 4 in Jan. Only a...
  19. Alaskamike

    Taking on a new BIG tortoise

    Great to see a Buddy update. A unique tortoise with a unique history. I use a pig pad too. But with CupCake , she has a much smaller hide so the pad alone provides enough heat. It was 42f when I got up this morning & her hide was 76f. We are having a cold ( for us ) winter. The pad has...
  20. Alaskamike

    Meet little Yerba the Sulcata! Advice needed

    I once had a little Leopard that was picky like that. I soaked the Mazuri & mushed it onto the Roman leaves ( she was addicted to Romain ) till she liked the Mazuri. Then I mixed the Mazuri onto whatever else I wanted her to eat & made the transition. Worked well.