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  1. Tracy Gould

    Taken Shelby out of Brumation advise needed

    Hi Shelby as had his first Brumation. I took him out yesterday, he been a sleep for 9 weeks and I know I could have left him longer but felt as it was the first time I done it I did not want to push my luck. I warmed him up slowly I was surprised how fast he came around. I then gave him his soak...
  2. Tracy Gould

    Shelby pooped in brumation

    Shelby as been a sleep for a week and half now he as only lost a little weight and as not had a wee. I just lifted him tonight to check him an noticed he as moved and pooped, it 2 small pieces is this ok or do i need to wake him! The fridge temps are between 5 and 7 c but go up to near 10 when i...
  3. Tracy Gould

    extending Shelbys table

    Hi Shelby as gone into Hibernation, so I decided to work on his table his area was still large enough for him but i wanted to put in a new level his bottom level is 2foot by 4ft an his new level is 2ft by 1.6 ft. I have put a wall under neath the new level to give him a sleeping area and I am...
  4. Tracy Gould

    Pooping on 17th day of winddown

    I stopped feeding Shelby and he as gone 17 days without food, I was soaking everyday till a few days ago when i started every other day, and he seem to have empty his system till yesterday when he passed Urates then today on day 17, 10 days after his last poop he did one again. I have droped his...
  5. Tracy Gould

    passing urates on 3rd week of winddown

    I have been winding Shelby down for his first Brumate he as gone over a week since his last poo in his bath and he went 6 days without passing urates but passed some more when soaking him today there was a large amount but they were smooth, I do not think he as done any in his table or hide he...
  6. Tracy Gould

    Talk some sense into me PLEASE!!!!!

    I am a big pet lover and when i am down i want pets. I lose Dad on the 21st of November last year so i stuggle day to to day to not curl up and cry. When i feel like this i crave pets I have a few and I love them to bits. Shelby is the love of my life (pet wise) I always wanted a Tort and when...
  7. Tracy Gould

    weight loss due to fasting for Hybernation

    I am preparing Shelby for his first Hibernation and he is on his 3rd day of fasting. his Temps and light are still normal this week as i a following the 4 week plan. I weigh him every day before bathing him to try to get him to poo. He as only gone on the first day but pasted urine the last too...
  8. Tracy Gould

    Hi I am back

    Hi again not been around for a while, I lost my Dad lastNovember to Cancer so not been in a good place. Hope everyone is ok and ur Tortoises are all well x
  9. Tracy Gould

    Worried about Members Involved in Hurricane Sandy

    :(Hi I know alot of these people will not be able to get on line but, I thought family and friends may have had contact with them, and may be able to post on here that they are ok. I know TerryO lives in NY and was wondering if anyone knows if she is ok, I have her on FB and have personal...
  10. Tracy Gould

    Preparing Shelby for his first Hibernation

    Hi I checked his weight he is in the 20 mark on the ratio and as been checked over an is in good health, I am pretty nervous but fell it is better for their health if i let him hybernate so as from today i have started winding him down. He as had is soak and pooped he is not impressed because i...
  11. Tracy Gould

    Shelby as just been chipped and i need advice

    Hi it finally got to the dreaded chipping time and i had him chipped this morning they managed to chip him without knocking him out and they said he did not need glue, He as eaten a little but not much but he as gone through a lot poor thing. he is moving around is table i followed advice and...
  12. Tracy Gould

    Chipping Shelby

    Hi Shelby as got to 10cm so it time to chip him, I am really worried about doing this but i want it doing in case he gets lost or stolen, I rung the vet the receptionist want to talk to the vet to c if he needs a wiff of gas to stop him pulling his legs in this is freeking me out is it safe to...
  13. Tracy Gould

    New Cold Frame enclosure

    Hi I have just helped my Daughter out by buying a cold frame enclosure for her Redfoot Speckles as she had not got a outdoor safe area for her yet and was having to sit and watch her while she had outside time. I am posting to double check that Polycarbonate is safe to have around Speckles...
  14. Tracy Gould

    Are These safe

    I scattered a Tortoise weed mix in Shelbys outdoor pen and these weeds have grow but i do not know what these are and need your help. Is this Mallow? Its going mad in the pen And the little one with White flowers. Is it Shepard's Purse?
  15. Tracy Gould


    i have bought a multi pack of seeds i have checked the others on the Tortoise table but can not find Anagalis Gentian Blue, its a creeping plant i have ruled out the Lobelia as its toxic so i have a feeling this is going to be the same as it looks alike, out of the 6 seeds in the pack it looks...
  16. Tracy Gould

    Temp gradient

    Kerry is at work and her HabiStat Pulse Proportional Thermostat as arrived, I have set it up for her the probe is in the middle as directed on the set up sheet, i have set it at 80. So the Temp range is now 85 in the hot area 80 in the middle and 70 in the cool end. Is this ok or do i need to...
  17. Tracy Gould

    Controling a CHE

    Kerry as just set up the bigger Viv and is using a CHE for heat the smaller viv kept pretty hot so she turned the CHE off on a night and turned on the heat mat, but this Viv is alot bigger so it is going to need the CHE all night. I know there is a Thermostat you can use that controls the CHE...
  18. Tracy Gould

    My Lovebird as Died

    I had two Lovebirds called Mork and Mindy, Mork died a year ago and we thought Mindy would Die of a broken heart but she did not she went quiet for a few days then picked up, She seem alright today she was singing away about 6pm but we found her dead about a hour ago which would have been about...
  19. Tracy Gould

    I need someone to talk sense into me lol

    I have had my little Tortie for 9mths now, and i am already thinking about my next buy, i am thinking of setting up a water turtle incloser and get a small species, i am telling my self about the added cost of care and what if either Shelby or the Turtle get sick but i can not shake the idea...
  20. Tracy Gould

    Tortoise Ornament

    I got a Garden Ornament today for Shelby s Table it did not scare Shelby She/he raced over to it sniffed its face and neck and then walked around it and sniffed its bum after a few mins lost interest and walked away but later on i saw Shelby biting its legs and back shell, Shelly was born...