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  1. thehowards

    Saved a life today

    While I was doing my daily jog pushing my daughter around the nature trail next to my house I came upon these two trouble makers. The one on his back is male so I first thought this was a mating accident but I checked the upright tort and he was also male. These are the first torts I've seen...
  2. thehowards

    Man buys sea turtles from food market to set them free.

    Came across this nice story of a man who saves sea turtles from the food market to set the free back in the ocean.
  3. thehowards

    What's that scratching at the door?

    So I was sitting in the house looking at the reef tank and I heard a scratching noise at the back door. I don't know why but I instantly thought Thor was in trouble and went to investigate. When I opened the door I found Thor trying to break into the house. It's been a couple months now that he...
  4. thehowards

    Found this Halloween gem

    Came across this one on Instagram and figured I should share it.
  5. thehowards

    Thank you for the tortoise forum

    I am so glad that I found this forum and corrected all of the things I didn't know I was doing wrong for my torts. I will say my tortoises were living but not to the best of care possible and some tortoise aren't as lucky as mine to have made it ok until I had found this forum. So I was thinking...
  6. thehowards

    Why we need to recycle

    Came across this image today and it broke my heart. It was on a page with images showing how our recyclable trash is hurting our fellow living beings. Link below
  7. thehowards

    Zoo incorrectly housing tortoises

    So I went to the local zoo the Sanford Zoo in central fl and they have a few torts there but today I noticed they had a red foot and a leopard tot in the same enclosure. They were about the same size with the Red foot being at most a inch larger. The red foot was furiously following the leopard...
  8. thehowards

    New to forum

    Hello I would like to introduce Thor and Shelby. Thor is just over three years old and is 9" long and fat. He lived indoors for the first year of his life going out every once in a while. Shelby is a year younger and is around 5-1/2". They both live in sunny humid Florida outside almost year...