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  1. Cherbear

    ID turtle please

    I bought this turtle a few weeks back as a southern painted turtle, and I never really questioned it because he has a stripe down his back. Well, I had two hatchlings at home already and noticed that besides the stripe that he looked kind of different than my other southerns. The more I look at...
  2. Cherbear

    Florida Box Turtle

    I don't know anything about box turtles, but I thought this one looked kind of strange to me. His enclosure seems very small and I'm only seeing a regular light bulb for lighting. I assume they need uvb too! I just felt sorry for him. [hr] I...
  3. Cherbear

    Stuff growing on glass

    I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have noticed this whitish maybe slightly gray stuff growing on the glass and on other things in the tank. It's not flat on the glass like algea, it attaches to the glass or object and you can see it moving, but I think that is from the current of...
  4. Cherbear

    Golden Greeks Pair

    I have a couple of golden greeks I am wanting to rehome. I'm hoping I could find someone on here that would be close enough to pick them up. I'll consider shipping if I can't find someone. I'm in Zanesville, Ohio. The female is 6 inches in length and the male is about 5 inches. They are wild...
  5. Cherbear

    Petco $1 gallon

    Petco is having there $1 gallon sale right now. Through July 21st.
  6. Cherbear

    Pink belly sidenecks

    I have 3 of these all together. I'm in the Ohio area if anyone is interested in picking these guys up. I'm asking $50 for each of them, but will take a little less if you take them all. Thanks
  7. Cherbear

    Pink belly sidenecks

    I was wondering if any of you guys have any experience with pink belly sidenecks. I was offered three of them in a trade for something I had for sale. The person I got them from works at a zoo and they were dropped there and he kept them for about 10 months. They look healthy and well cared for...
  8. Cherbear


    I was thinking about buying a hosta plant to put in my new outdoor tort enclosure, but when I went to the nursery they had so many different kinds of hostas. Which kind of hosta would be best to buy?
  9. Cherbear

    Wanted: Pancake tortoise

    I'm looking to add a smooth as possible female pancake tortoise to my pair that I already have. I would like to buy one from someone who has been a member here I can trust. Thanks in advance!:)
  10. Cherbear

    Sulcata on craigslist

    I thought this was a real nice looking guy.
  11. Cherbear

    Pancakes and Uvb

    The last post kind of got me thinking. Do pancakes need just as much uvb as other tortoises do? I've got two and they do hide mostly. How are they getting uvb if they're under a rock all day? I will say though, that when the weather is good out I make sure they get some nice sun rays, weather...
  12. Cherbear

    Two new babies

    I bought these off of Christy P. last month. It was 77 here today so I thought I would take them out for the first time for a little sun. She posted a pic of one of them when they were fresh hatchlings back in December.
  13. Cherbear

    Pancake substrate

    Would it be better to use coco fiber or cypress mulch as a substrate? Should they have sand added to the coco or will that cause impaction?
  14. Cherbear

    Ad on craigslist

    Saw this ad on craigslist and it says they have two miniature turtles that do not grow or bask. Is there such a thing? Just curious.
  15. Cherbear

    Golden Greek

    I have a male golden jordanian greek for sale. He's approx. 4 1/2 inches in length. I'm asking $100 plus shipping. I'd like to ship before it starts getting too cold.
  16. Cherbear

    Is this a Hermann's?

    I bought him as a hermann but someone told me it was a greek. Thanks
  17. Cherbear


    I was wondering if anyone would like to trade my 3 pancakes ( 1 male 2 females) for a star hatchling or older?? Just thought I'd give it a shot. Thanks!
  18. Cherbear

    Learn from my mistake

    My husband and I set up a temporary enclosure out of some metal fencing for Leo my leopard tort. We're trying to get an idea where the best place for a permanent enclosure would be. So, this morning I took him out and put him in and went back in the house. About an hour later my husband and I...
  19. Cherbear


    I have a male and female pancake tortoise I need to find a home for if anyone is interested. I'm located in Ohio and would like if someone could pick them up. I may consider shipping them, but not sure if I want to or not during the hot months. I'm asking $200 each for them. The female is in the...
  20. Cherbear

    Another guess the sex

    My little guy or gal is coming up on a year soon and I know it's still too early, but are there any guesses? I just hate not knowing and saying him or her all the time.