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    Tom’s Nightbox Realized…with some additions…

    @Tom ?????? We are just about finished with things here, after a few small finishes. We have 4 adults, 1 juvenile, along with 3 babies (who live indoors)… The run was recently fenced in and planting is beginning this weekend. We fortunately have the room so went ahead with the 8x4 double box...
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    Leopard Babies’ Luxe Enclosure

    Hi All! it’s been awhile but I wanted to post some photos of the incredible enclosure our beautiful babies get to call home. @Markw84 designs and builds these perfect enclosures, including smart thermostats, fixtures and hardware. The enclosure is heavy, as a whole, but extremely easy to...
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    Birds of Paradise Leaves?

    We have 3 huge birds of paradise on our property... Does anyone know if they can be a good food source for leopards? They are smack where we plan on building our permanent enclosure and I was going to tear them out. If the tortoises can eat them I will keep at least one probably. @Markw84
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    “Found” Sick Rescue Leopard

    Hi Everyone! It’s strange how the universe behaves sometimes... I am new to this thread, but not really new to the forum. It could’ve been one along time ago or this one in its infancy, but I participated in one before being “married with kids”. Anyway, I made my introduction the other day. My...
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    Hello from Thousand Oaks, CA!

    Hello and Happy New Year (God wiling ;)) Everyone! My name is Shellee and we live in Thousand Oaks, California (Southern Cal, about 10 miles as the crow flies from Malibu and nearly equidistant from Santa Barbara to the north and Los Angeles to the south). I got my first leopard tortoise, Turbo...