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  1. AmordeAbba

    Tiddle salad

    Tiddle's is doing so well!
  2. AmordeAbba

    Suggests please on my habitat?

    I just set this enclosure up for my cdt hatchling. It's a 54 gal tub & I'm not sure if the little stones are too much. I haven't got plants in it yet either. I am not sure if the thermometer is good where is is or if the heat lamp is okay where it is. I didn't want it anywhere that he could flip...
  3. AmordeAbba

    CDT hatchling help please?

    Are hatchlings heavy sleepers? I went to check on mine and he is not opening his eyes. He was earlier though. He moves when I touch him but I can't get him to open his eyes. Should I be concerned? I put a little water on him and he just moved but didn't open his eyes.
  4. AmordeAbba

    Is this okay?

    I haven't been able to get the 50 gal tub today & hope to get it tomorrow. Is this enclosure okay for now? I used dirt that is slightly damp and I pat it down so it wasn't messy. (There is no chemicals or fertilizers in it) I also used foil to keep the heat in. Should i put more? A better...
  5. AmordeAbba


    Had to share Tiddles first photoshoot.... There are more to come. :)
  6. AmordeAbba

    baby desert tortoise or not?

    I'm in Long Beach, CA which is a very urban city & yesterday in my backyard on the grass... I found this little guy/girl. I've been trying to find out what it is and so far it seems to be some kind of a desert turtle. It looks like a hatchling. I was reading that it is illegal to keep "wildlife"...
  7. AmordeAbba

    Long Beach, CA new member!

    Hi I'm from Long Beach, CA! I just joined today.