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  1. MEEJogja

    Fixing cracked eggs?

    I remember once seeing something by @hermanichris where he used spray on plaster (bandaid) from the pharmacy to great success.
  2. MEEJogja

    Oiling the shell

    I find coconut oil is better for highlighting new shell growth than if they are just wet. I do it every few months to keep track of their progress, rubbing it in with an old sponge as they eat, but as they like to walk around in the rain they are back to their normal dull selves in a few days.
  3. MEEJogja

    Is this enough to conclude he is a she?

    I have seen you mention that before @Yvonne G - is that a concerted effort over a number of days? This is the first time any of them have done anything like this, and the activity went on for up to 12 hours a day for almost a week.
  4. MEEJogja

    Is this enough to conclude he is a she?

    This is a very long video... I diligently trauled through days of cctv footage, but now at 3am I haven't got it in me to compile it in a meaningful way. It does highlight just how many hours Bejo spent on this endeavour over many days. I believe this to be practice nest building (which I have...
  5. MEEJogja

    Adult enclosure size

    Right, I was suggesting small groups, rather than 20 in one enclosure as some do for breeding operations. You have a very large amount of space for a single enclosure. With several hides, and much vegetation and water, I can tell you that 3 would be very comfortable, more if you desire. I have...
  6. MEEJogja

    Adult enclosure size

    That is a very large single enclosure. MEE are not particularly aggressive species and others do well with large groups housed together, including multiple males. If your aim is breeding however you should consider splitting the enclosure up and keeping them in smaller groups of say 2 females...
  7. MEEJogja

    Jakarta animal market for the morbidly curious

    Unfortunately @Tom what you see is what you get in many cases. Most of these animals will live out their lives in cages. The monkeys will be lucky if they are collared and chained to a tree :/
  8. MEEJogja

    Jakarta animal market for the morbidly curious

    Years ago I read about the biggest bird market in the world (in Jakarta) and it sparked my interest. Unfortunately however I know nothing about, and have very little interest in birds. While in Jakarta for a meeting this weekend I gave a central animal market a visit though and here is a general...
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    cuora picturata

    Great job contacting the right people, and making this happen. 👍 Keep us posted when or if there are any developments with the breeding program, it's always nice to hear some good news.
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    Cherryhead costs. help??

    Them refusing to send pictures is not necessarily a red flag. Often the breeder has a large number of babies in one enclosure and you are just buying one from the clutch. They are not microchipped or marked in any way at that age. Them not providing photos may just be because it's impractical...
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    My company has a 24/7 helpdesk. I would offer them up if I didn't suspect them of pretty much sleeping through their entire shifts 🤣
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    A client of mine recently paid a marketing agency (fancy London based offices type affair) for SEO, hoping to get their site high up on Google for certain search terms. They produced a report of what they had done and I told my client to query one of the points as they were very expensive and it...
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    I'm not complaining about the good work the mods put in @wellington - I just thought perhaps this influx was due to a security setting being relaxed somewhere along the way and raising it might make your lives easier 🙏
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    This seems to be the case again now. weight loss pills and CBD products galore. Am I imagining it or when I first joined did I need to post to the introductions forum and reply to 10 threads or something before I could start my own thread elsewhere? Maybe this could be brought back in so they...
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    Use of Evostick Glue

    The safety data sheet should be here, but I'm unable to download i for some reason. You must give it at least 24 hours to cure at the very least, beyond that you'd need to consult the SDS...
  16. MEEJogja

    Please help! Month long constipation and white areas on skin

    The patches of white (not the light coloured skin under the armpits) looks like a fungal infection to me. When he's dry after his soak, I would treat with a topical antifungal. It will probably clear up pretty fast but worth applying for a few days after its gone.
  17. MEEJogja

    How much weight spread evenly is safe on a human chest?

    You will not get a definitive answer. Have you ever seen a bench press accident? Youre arms will likely fail to lift the weight off you and you will suffocate at a weight much lower than that required to fracture your sternum. Plus most chest injuries do not involve broken or fractured bones...
  18. MEEJogja

    How much weight spread evenly is safe on a human chest?

    I suppose we all indulge what stimulates us psychologically but perhaps you could put something else on your chest and just watch a tortoise? If that doesn't get you going, you might want to try some other kinks, preferably not involving animals.
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    I accidentally left baby tort in poop water for an hour…

    I have a little pond with relatively ineffective filter which the tortoises poop in and I drain and refill every day or two. The drain process involves me scrubbing the sides and lifting all the algae and poop sediment into solution to go down the drain. Half way through this, along came my...
  20. MEEJogja

    Plant ID

    I would say it's Ficaria Verna: The Wikipedia image is not all that convincing, but if you Google image search, you'll see some of the leaves, which made me confident enough to make this suggestion.