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    I suddenly found one of my eggs hatched. What should I do next?

    I got 5 tortoise eggs from my female Russian this spring and 4 of them look tossed. But today I saw one nose tip coming out of one of the eggs. I let it be there for a few hours and it is still like this. I am just worried that it cannot breadth, so I helped to break the egg shell a little bit...
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    In the reptile show, snakes and lizzard/dragon are still much more popular than tortoises

    I went to the Pacific Northwest reptile show in Puyallap Washington yesterday. I found snakes and lizzard/dragon are still much more popular than tortoises. Two tables were selling leopard tortoises. One table had two redfoots and one Russia and one table had one pancake tortoise. All most all...
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    Large containers recommendation This is the largest container I can find in the market. But it becomes small when my tortoises grow larger. Any larger container I can buy in the market? Thanks
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    Any breeders will come to this week’s Pacific Northwest Reptile & Exotic Animal Show?

    Any breeders will come to this week’s Pacific Northwest Reptile & Exotic Animal Show? It is in Puyallup, WA which is close to Seattle
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    First egg for my Russian

    Is there a way to find if the egg is fertilized or not? And is there any suggestion to store the egg (like temperature) so it will not get damaged before I get an incubator? And any incubators to recommend? Thanks a lot
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    Can moss be party of the variety diet of a tortoise?

    It looks they like it and try to eat the moss on the wall if I put them in the outside enclosure. But I cannot find any comment about moss in tortoise table database. Anyone has any idea? Thanks!
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    What’s this for my Sulcata

    Today I found my Sulcata stood up with butt’s up and looked he/she wanted to poo pop. And then this thing came out. He hasn’t pooped for several days and I am not sure if this problem impacted his poopoo. I searched online. Some articles say this should be his penis which means he is a male...
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    is that possible to identify the gender of this Sulcata now?

    He/she is 3 years old, about 13 inches long. Thanks a lot
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    Can I take care of north America box turtle the same with the tortoises?

    My friend recently wants to give away a box turtle since he doesn't have time for her anymore. I am considering to get the turtle Will the North American box turtle house environment the same with tortoises? Like 80-90F for enclosure temprature and 100F at the basking area? Then 80%-100%...
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    largest plastic box we can buy from walmart/home deopt/amazon for tortoise enclosure?

    This is the largest box I have ever found I bought 2 last year but it is still not large enough while my tortoises are growing larger. Not sure if there are any more...
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    Is there a way or tool which can trim the tortoise beak

    The cuttlefish bone doesn't work for my Russian. She is bought from the Petco which should be wild caught and very picky in food. She only eats lettuces, pad cactuses, endives, cucumbers and dandelion greens which are all soft food. From the nutrition perspective, I sprays the tortoise supply...
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    Radiata behaves looks not behaving correctly after moving to a larger enclosure

    The radiata originally was in a smaller enclosure. The substrate was a reptile carpet. The temperature was more than 90F in the small enclosure and 100F in the basking area. The old enclosure is a semi-closed enclosure. The humidity is around 60-80% boosted by a humidifier. But I heard the...
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    Ask for suggestions. Finally I think my Sulcata caught the cold or Respiratory infection.

    He is about 8 inches. He started to have weird sound 1-2 months ago. Recently he started to have running nose and open mouth to breathe. I don't feel he is good. He is still active and eat and poop well. But I can feel he is hard to breathe sometimes. I started to open his sealed enclosure to...
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    What’s the gender of the Russian?

    Is it female or male? Looks like a female but why there is tip at the end of the tail
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    How to stop tortoises eating their own poop

    All my tortoises like eating their own poop. If I don't notice that and clean the poop as soon as possible, they will eat at least 2/3 of the poop. I feel this is unhealthy since the poop should contain many bad bacterials
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    My sulcata always has some sound recently. Any problem?

    The sulcata is about 9 inches. The sound is like “gua” or "puf". 2-3 days per day. Is there any problem? I searched online and some articles said it is because there is some disease in his respiratory tract or lungs. Not sure it is correct or not. I don't see any running nose on his face. The...
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    Can Russian survive in the wild in West Washington state?

    My friend found one in her backyard at noon and told me just now. I asked to her to go back to rescue it but the Russian has disappeared. A little worried about the Russian. Currently west Washington is pretty warm so it may be ok. But we will rain a lot after the end of September (rains 4-6...
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    Is the cuttlefish/turtle bone good for tortoise?

    Like this one I don't know why it looks delicious to the tortoises but my Sulcata and Radiata like them so much and eat very quickly. But to me, it is something hard, solid and sharp. Will it hurt tortoise's mouth or stomach? I...
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    Do we need to feed the tortoise every day

    I feed my tortoise everyday. They always look hungry. If I don't feed them, they will eat the mat, eat the substrate and eat everything they can eat. But from some articles online, it said we don't need to feed tortoises everyday. If we feed them every day, they will be overfed and their shell...
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    Russian tortoise growth rate?

    I got a Russian in Petco two years ago which is later considered wild caught in this forum. And someone helped me guess that she is 4-10 years old now. When I bought her, her length is around 11.5 cm. She doesn’t eat commercial tortoise food, like Mazuri or Zoo med, no matter it is in the...