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  1. MichiLove

    New little gal.

    How cuteee!
  2. MichiLove

    911 dog bite

    Poor little guy!
  3. MichiLove

    enjoying bath

  4. MichiLove

    WalkingRock -vs- Imbolic

    So beautiful!
  5. MichiLove

    Keeps tipping over

    Yeah..mine did that alot in the beginning. I'd rush home worried he was tipped over. Though lately he hasn't been doing it anymore!
  6. MichiLove

    WalkingRock... Taxi?

    Aww how cuteee!
  7. MichiLove

    Too cold outside??

    Okay, thank ya'll!
  8. MichiLove

    Too cold outside??

    Hi! I have a Sulcata who is almost 5 months old. We live in New Orleans, Louisiana and I was wondering how cold is too cold for your Tortoise to be outside in this cooler weather? I haven't been wanting to let him/her outside because I don't want him to get sick! Today the weather is around...
  9. MichiLove

    Hank passed away...

    So sorry to hear that.
  10. MichiLove


    Aww.. cute pictures!
  11. MichiLove

    Cleaning tips from a microbiologist

    Thanks for sharing!!
  12. MichiLove

    My favorite kind of face

    Awww. So cute!!
  13. MichiLove

    Howdy from S. Ft Worth

    Hi!! Welcome!! :shy:
  14. MichiLove

    Greetings from Austin

    Welcome!! :shy:
  15. MichiLove

    My new baby

    They are soo cute!!
  16. MichiLove

    Calcium overdose?

    I think it's okay to leave the cuttlebone in the enclosure.
  17. MichiLove

    Babies alsways burrowed?

    Lol. Noo, mine do the same thing! They have been coming out a lot more though recently. But, like Tom said with this weather sometimes you wouldn't even know I had box turtles!
  18. MichiLove

    Wonton's Birthday Sept. 4th

    That's adorable!!
  19. MichiLove

    Sulcata's new growth is a whitish color

    Okay, thank you everyone! He just made 3 months and is around 80grams.