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  1. RichardS

    Radiated tortoise not moving much

    If it’s not said by @zovick, then toss it out. Bill is a legend and speaks from 40+ years experience with radiata. Nothing wrong with questioning the status quo, but the benefits of soaking tortoises is very widely accepted, regardless of species.
  2. RichardS

    Opuntia ID

    Great news! Thanks!
  3. RichardS

    Opuntia ID

    I placed two fairly random orders for spineless cactus. Results were mixed. First was $16.50 via Amazon listed as Opuntia cacanapa The second was $23.91 shipped from Etsy listed as Opuntia cochenillifera. Based on the images Google returned of O. cochenillifera, I think it’s unlikely what...
  4. RichardS

    2007 Radiated 10"

    I got the tortoise scoped today, and to my surprise, it is actually a boy. I will update the ad accordingly.
  5. RichardS

    2007 Radiated 10"

    Due to requests, I am having the tortoise scoped next Thursday to determine the gender. Price change pending to reflect my additional cost and value added.
  6. RichardS

    2007 Radiated 10"

    I can't believe I am going to do this, but I need to sell my beloved pet Radiated tortoise. I just don't have enough time to enjoy her anymore. Studbook registered #1500. Hatched June 2007. I've had her since July 2007. I say she, because she was temperature sexed to be female, but I've...
  7. RichardS

    UV light options- too many choices!!!

    I also use ceramic bulbs for heating and T8 tubes for lighting. My setup is a single 5.0 UVB bulb and a single Verilux for full spectrum lighting. Light looks beautiful.
  8. RichardS


    68 x 35".
  9. RichardS


    Package actually arrived a couple of weeks ago! It was huge! Set up. See ya!
  10. RichardS


    Last night I ordered a medium tub from Vision! It was in stock too! It's coming via FedEx and I'll post a pic when set up. The was a long overdo upgrade. Vision's owner Scott seems like a super nice, friendly guy.
  11. RichardS

    Growth Update

    They look great!
  12. RichardS

    Intro - New Leo Owner

    Hello, fellow South Carolinian here! Shoot me an email [email protected] Sounds like you've got a pretty good handle on everything so far. Good luck!
  13. RichardS

    Charleston, SC - Repticon Anyone plan on going to the show? Shoot me an email: [email protected]
  14. RichardS

    Dual Survival - thumbs down

    Still, nice to get a response. Cody seems a little more genuine than I gave him credit for. Hopefully he'll think twice about what he does and/or what he teaches. One tortoise sacrificed could go a long away in this case. Same can't be said in Madagascar.
  15. RichardS

    Dual Survival - thumbs down

    I was a casual fan of the show until last night... The episode Hippo Island shows Dave Canterbury finding, killing, baking an 8" leopard tortoise. It was described as an African Spur Thigh. Sucks.
  16. RichardS

    Tortoise Corral

    Can we resize these photos?! [hr] Looks cool and portable.
  17. RichardS

    Bloating in hindquarters

    If I were you, I'd go to the vet today. You'd be giving the tortoise a better shot. Try emailing the vet the photos, you'll get an appointment quicker.
  18. RichardS

    Lady Gag Me

    You're a Canadian~ !! :)
  19. RichardS

    Lady Gag Me

    No. The police would ask for immigrations papers when stopping a DUI suspect at 2:30 am, with 5 people in the car, none of which speak English. No one is going to be demanding immigration papers while shopping at the store. Its just not realistic and I am not sure why everyone assumes the...
  20. RichardS

    Vision tubs or something better?

    Just as an FYI to members: Small Tub - $110 ($105 @ LLLReptile) 40"L x 26"W x11" high (7.2 sq. ft.) Python Tub - $160 ($159 @ LLLReptile) 52"L x 36"W x 11" high (13 sq. ft.) Medium Tub - $212 ($199 @ LLLReptile) 68"L x 35"W x 14" high (~16.5 sq. ft.) Large Tub - $269 ($259 @ LLLReptile)...